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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Daddy's Little Monster" from season 4, which aired on April 30, 2012.

This transcript is complete.

This episode is a continuation of "Return to the Nightosphere" (see transcript.)


[The episode begins with Finn, Jake and BMO. Jake is wearing a towel and a shower cap and is holding a banana. BMO is charging Jake's camera phone.]
Jake: Yo BMO, you done chargin' up that phone or what?
BMO: Almost... finished... [The camera beeps that the battery is full and BMO is tired from charging it.]
Jake: [Takes the phone] Thanks, BMO. Alright, man. We're gonna figure this out... right... now! [Flips phone open. The phone loads and the video begins to play.]

Video begins.

Jake: Yo yo yo yo, check it! This is Jake on my camera phone! [Moves head back and forth towards the camera.] Whooooooooooaaaaaaa. Whoooa! Yo, Finn! Say 'hi' to my new camera phone!
[Finn comes into view.]
Finn: Whaddup camera phone!
[Finn and Jake wiggle their tongues and move their heads back and forth towards the camera. A noise is heard and a green light shines on them. Jake turns the camera phone into the direction they are staring and a portal opens and Marceline emerges.]
Finn & Jake: Marceline! [Finn walks over to her]
Marceline: You guys wanna come party in the Nightosphere with me? I'm visiting with my dad and it's craaaazy boring.
Finn: Whoa, wait a minute Marceline. Last time I saw your dad, [The camera is pointed towards Jake's feet as he walks over to them] I sliced open his soul sack. [Jake points the camera to Finn & Marceline.]
Marceline: Oh no, he's totally chill now.
Finn: Okay, but I'm keepin' an eye out for your old man in case he pulls any [Puts fingers around eyes] sneak attacks.
Marceline: Don't be a wiener dog. Jake, you coming?
Jake: [Turns camera over to him] Whoo! Yeah, baby!

Camera is loading

[The camera pans up from the ground and shows they are in the Nightosphere.]
Jake: Alright. So, this is the Nightosphere, I guess. [Puts head in front of the camera.] It looks banay-nays. [He turns around] Marceline says they got tons of crazy ways out here. [Moves out of the way and Finn and Marceline are seen inside a cave. Finn is holding a tambourine and Marceline is playing the banjo. Jake walks into the cave, the place where Marceline is staying.] Right, Marceline? [She ignores Jake] Marceline! [Waves hand in front of the camera] Marcy!! [She continues to ignore him. He makes it look like he is crushing her head with his fingers and makes a claw hand and continues to do it.] Hehehe.
Hunson Abadeer: There you are, Marceline. [Jake pans out and shows Hunson in his monster form. Finn and Marceline stop playing their instruments.] Huh? [Screams at the camera and Jake screams. He stops once he sees who it is.] Oh. Hello, dog. Hello, Finn. [Camera turns to Finn]
Finn: Stay away from me, old man! [Points at him and shakes tambourine]
Jake [The one watching the video]: Heheheh, nice one.
Hunson: [Shrinks down and turns into his non-monster state] Now Finn, come on, there's no bad blood here! [Moves around awkwardly] Come here, let's bury the hatchet! [Hugs Finn] See how I'm not killing you?
Marceline: [Groans] Dad, stop!
Hunson: [Puts Finn under his arm] Alright, I don't want to embarrass my little girl. [Puts Finn down] So young lady, have you thought about my offer?
[Marceline puts her banjo on her shoulder and groans]
Jake: [Walks over] What offer, Marceline's dad?
Hunson: [Chuckles] I want Marceline to take over the Nightosphere! Finally join the family business!
Marceline: Business? Dad, what do you even do?
Hunson: Oh! [Chuckles] Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on... [Backs up and beckons them over, the camera points towards Jake's feet as he walks over and he scratches himself. The camera points back to Hunson and Marceline looking out a window. A burning landscape is seen.] Check it out, sweetie. [He puts an arm around Marceline's shoulder] See how chaotic it is out there? [Lava shoots out of the ground. The camera zooms in on them.] How everyone's confused and frustrated? The Nightosphere is sustained by chaos!
[The camera turns to Finn, who jiggles his cheeks]
Marceline: Eh, I just don't see my self doing this biz'.
Hunson: [Raises arms] Okay. But I know you'll come around eventually. Or maybe you won't! I don't know. You're an independent woman! [He begins to make his soul-sucking face and Jake backs away, but he is just yawning.] Well, I'm gonna take a nappy. [Begins to walk away but remembers something] Oh! I almost forgot! [Takes off the Nightosphere amulet and it sucks his suit into it, he is now wearing underpants and an undershirt.]
Marceline: Dad!
[Finn covers his eyes.]
Hunson: Whoops! Hahaha! [Camera zooms in as he hands the amulet to Marceline] You should put this amulet on. It'll grant you wishes for, like, ponies. Or whatever kids like.
Marceline: Dad, I'm a thousand years old.
Hunson: Ha! Yes you are, sweetie. [Rubs Marceline's hair, leaving it messy] Daddy's little monster! [Walks away]
Marceline: [Puts amulet in her pocket] Look, let's play something, okay?
Finn: Okay!
Marceline: [Starts to float around and play the banjo as Finn plays the tambourine] I know you just wanna give your little girl the world, but Daddy I'm not just your little girl. I've got my own life, I've got my own plans, I hope you understand and like the way that I am because I want your respect and I want to be here. But I don't wanna rule the Nightosphere. [Lands in front of the camera and sighs. She takes out the amulet.] Psssh. Whatever, Dad. [Puts the amulet on. A suit comes out of it and wraps itself around her. The phone is dropped and tentacles are seen. The phone is picked up and Marceline is seen looking like her father's monster's form in "It Came from the Nightosphere." The camera zooms out to show Finn approaching Marceline while she laughs evilly.
Finn: Jake, grab the amulet! [Marceline punches him into Jake]
Jake: Ow, my hippocampus!
[Marceline continues to laugh evilly and walks towards them.]

Video ends.

Jake: Well... that explains how we got amnesia-ed. [Pulls out banana] But what about banana?
Finn: Hey man, there's another video!

Video starts

[A demon is carrying Finn and Jake and throws Jake into a jail cell filled with bananas in the center.]
Demon: We got mad prison overcrowding down here, fellas. [Throws Finn onto the bananas] So I gotta put you in the cage with the stuff. Sorry about that. But, you know, not really. [The camera zooms in on him as he slams the cage door. He starts to burp.] Aw, my stomach! [Cocks head to the side and bananas come out of both ears.]

Video ends

[Jake, who is watching the video, freezes as he is about to take a bite out of the banana he retrieved from the Nightosphere and throws it on the ground in disgust.]
Finn: That amulet's controlling Marceline! We have to go back and help her! [Runs to the freezer and grabs bug milk] We're gonna get back using that one portal spell we know! [Draws a PHIL FACE on the wall and throws the bug milk at it] Maloso vobiscum et cum spiritum! [The portal opens]
Jake: [Raises arm] Whoa, dude! [Points to Finn] She told us never to come back!
Finn: Oh yeah. Oh! [Climbs up the ladder that leads upstairs and Jake follows. He pulls out his pajamas] Jake! Can you turn into a gross demon?
Jake: Mhmm. [Does so. Finn, now, has his outer clothes off. He is now in his tight-whitey underpants. Now, he is putting on his pajamas.]
Finn: Grosser!
Jake: [Does so and growls.] What's your disguise?
Finn: [Finished cutting out his mask] Paper plate mask, yo!
Jake: Nice!
[They both run towards the portal.]
Finn: Let's go! [Him and Jake jump through the portal and land behind many large lines of demons.]
Marceline: Who's next? Who's next? [A demon steps forward]
Weird Punishment Demon: Uh... me, my lord "Aberdeer."
Marceline: What do you desire, cowering spec? Pain? Pleasure? Or... weird punishment?
Weird Punishment Demon: Uh... pleasure.
Marceline: No, weird punishment! [Creates a cloud and a green laser shoots out and zaps him. Bananas begin to come out of his mouth as he runs away.] [To a big demon] And what do you desire? P, P, or WP?
Big Demon: I... pain?
Marceline: Okay. [Zaps the left side of his body off.]
Big Demon: Aw.
Marceline: Come on, come on, next!
Ab Demon: Uh... I'm just gonna go.
Marceline: You sure, dude? Don't you want abs?
Ab Demon: Yeah, gimme abs! [His face is turned into abs and Marceline laughs evilly.]
Finn: I think we can charge up there and rip the amulet off her neck. [Amulet gleams]
[Finn and Jake begin to run up but a Demon with a cup spots them and stops them.]
Line Demon: Hey! What're you guys doin'?! You can't run up to the front of the line! These good people have been waiting forever! Shame on you both! Everybody, shame them! [The demons in line boo them] Boo, sir! I "boo" what you're doing! Step back! [Taps Jake. Finn and Jake begin to walk back.] Back! [Pokes Finn and Jake] You will not cut the line! [Pokes Finn with cup] Again! [Continues to poke] You stay back here! And wait your turn like the rest of us! [Pinches them both in the side] Under... stand?!
Finn: Yeah, okay, okay!
Line Demon: I'll be watching you! [Walks back to spot]
Demon in line: Sorry dude, you got outta line. I-
Line Demon: Dang it! [Runs off]
[Marceline hears them mumbling in pain and grabs Jake. Finn grabs his other arm and she pulls them to where she is floating.]
Marceline: Who are you?
Finn: Ahh! Don't kill us Marceline!
Jake: It's us! Finn and Jake!
Finn: [Pulls up his mask to reveal who he is.] Your friends, remember?
Marceline: Eh. [Lifts them to her mouth and is about to eat them. She laughs evilly.]
Jake and Finn: Oh Grod!
[Jake pokes her hard in both of her eyes and she flings them away. Jake turns into a paraglider and they land on the ground.]
Finn: Run! [Marceline stomps next to them. They run into a crevice and end up in a kitchen. They look at Marceline through the kitchen window.] Marceline...
[They hear a noise behind them and turn around to see Hunson holding a sandwich and grabbing mustard from the fridge.]
Finn: What are you doing?
Hunson: Just grabbing a midnight snack. [Closes fridge]
Finn: It's Marceline! That's her out there!
Hunson: I know! [Puts sandwich on table] Isn't it fantastic?
Finn: [Slams hand on table] No! We have to save 'er!
Hunson: [Puts mustard on his sandwich] Save her?
Finn: From the amulet!
Hunson: But this is what I've always wanted! My girl, following in her daddy's footsteps.
Finn: But that's not what she wants!
Hunson: That's balderdash, baby. The wearer of the amulet is filled with chaotic evil! Which is how I grew up. So... [Takes a bite out of his sandwich.]
[Finn knocks the sandwich out of his hand and runs out the door in front of him and into the room with Marceline and the demons.]
Finn: Maybe we can get these dudes to help us! [Demons murmur and one sighs heavily.]
Jake: These guys won't help you. They're all complacent sheeple. [Begins to do a little beatboxing.]
Finn: Wait, that's it! We're gonna freestyle a political rap to get these guys to rise out of their systemized demon apathy.
Jake: [Uncertain] Okay... [Begins to beatbox]
[Finn raps the Political Rap and the demons crowd around and cheer.]
Demon in crowd: I never thought of it that way before!
Demon in crowd #2: The system is broke, yo!
[The demons begin to chant "Freedom." They pick up Finn and Jake and run toward Marceline, who shoots green lightning out of her cloud. The demons swarm around Marceline and Finn and Jake struggle to pull the amulet off of her. They get it off of her and a black substance shoots out and covers the demons and they begin to eat it.]
Finn: Marceline! [Pulls her out of the substance.]
Jake: Aw, sick!
Finn: [Spots the portal leading back to the treehouse.] Jake! The tree house!
Jake: Ahhhh! I'm too freaked out to move, Finn! These demons are nibbling my legs! [Pans down to show many demons biting and crawling on Jake's legs]
Finn: [Looks at Marceline and the amulet.] Jake! Take her! [Tosses Marceline to Jake and falls into the demons.]
Jake: No, Finn! You'll be filled with chaotic evil!
[Finn puts the amulet on and grows large and demon-like. Hunson walks into the room drinking a carton of milk and spits it out once he sees the demons swarming Finn. Finn grabs Jake and Marceline and stuffs them into the tree house. He then begins to hit aside demons, which run away screaming. Jake lays down Marceline inside the tree house who begins to awaken.]
Finn: Marceline... [Peers through the portal] No one... [Reaches his hand through the portal] leaves the Nightosphere!
[Jake stretches his arms across Marceline to protect her. The amulet is pulled off Finn by Hunson and he turns back to normal. He flies through the portal and into the Treehouse.]
Hunson: Marceline! Um, I wonder what happened to him! Kids these days... am I right?
Jake: Dude... seriously.
Marceline: Dad, you tricked me. [Hunson looks at her innocently] Dad, that sucks!
Hunson: I know, I'm sorry. But I thought you'd want to, want to make your old man proud and you know... take over the Nightosphere.
Marceline: Yeah, I want you to be proud. I want you to be proud of me!
Hunson: No, I didn't mean... Baby, of course I'm proud of you.
Marceline: Dad...
Hunson: And your friends? They're alright! That political rap? [Raises thumb] Pretty great!
Marceline: Okay, okay, I gotta go now, Dad. [Closes the portal.] Woof. What a nightmare. Man, Finn, my dad actually likes you. I don't wanna hang out with you anymore. [Finn is lying on the floor exhausted, sweating and is trying hard to breathe.] Finn?

Episode Ends.