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"Dad's Dungeon" is the twenty-fifth episode in the third season of Adventure Time. It's the seventy-seventh episode overall.


Jake feels conflicted when his father forces him to try and hold Finn back in a dungeon meant to toughen Finn up.


Finn, BMO and Jake are at the boat of the tree fort, telling Jake what they want him to turn into. Finn suggests a cheetah farting, BMO suggests a cookie and an external hard drive. Jake then transforms into a cheetah while making a fart noise. Sparkles suddenly appear on the side of the house's roof. Finn and Jake try to squish them. The sparkles then lead them to a Holo-message player. They turn it on to see that it is a message left from their father, Joshua, who built a dungeon for them as babies. The Demon appears and demands Joshua to give his blood back. Joshua casts the demon away with a chant. Joshua secretly tells Jake that it is to toughen Finn up, while Finn covers his ears. Joshua explains how to get there, and also says that it will be really hard to finish the dungeon. They go to an unknown place where the Dumb Rock was, as explained in the video. They move the rock out of the way of the entrance. When they enter they were attacked by a Hot Dog Monster and a Hamburger Monster, after defeating them, they come to another prerecorded message where Joshua tells Jake to call Finn a whiny baby. They come across 2 paths, where one is a Flower Path and a disgusting monster path. They take the flower path because Jake says that the monster is "super gross." The monster is saddened by this but Finn kindly reassures the monster, telling that they just said that because they are his bro's, and that bro's are real with each other. Finn adds "You're gross, brother. Take a bath." to "amplify" their truthfulness, which makes the monster happy.

In the Flower Path, Finn asks Jake what their dad said. Jake tells that Joshua is surprised that a whiny baby like Finn made it that far. Finn is then puzzled; asking Jake why Joshua keeps saying things like that. Jake is forced to tell Finn that it is because Finn cries like a baby and that he is whiny. The Fruit Witches then appear and try to get Finn to eat an apple, and Finn almost does, but Jake knocks the apple out of his hand and feeds it to one of the fruit witches. The cursed apple causes the Fruit Witch to have vines crawl out of her mouth and eyes, wrap around her, and turn into a giant apple. The two other Fruit Witches begin to eat the Fruit Witch, while Finn and Jake escape. The Fruit Witches begin to chase them up a stone wall, but Jake farts, knocking them out and possibly killing them in the process.

Jake tells Finn what is really happening when they go into the final passage. They watch the tape as Joshua explains that he is finishing the last chamber of the dungeon. He explains that he is trying to fit a monster into a pit he dug. In the middle of what he is saying, two, long fingers with huge claws slowly sneak out of the entrance to the chamber and grab him. Joshua then gets pulled in the chamber, then Finn and Jake run into the room. While Finn attempts to get the sword, Jake discovers more Holo-Message tapes. He plays the final one informing him to play it for Finn when he finishes the dungeon. Behind Finn, two giant hands reach from the darkness, and Finn is slapped by the left hand. Finn is flown across the room, and the Evil Monster crawls out of the darkness, revealing himself. When Finn expresses the doubt within himself because of their father's words, Jake says Joshua loves him and plays the tape to Finn revealing Joshua telling Finn he made the dungeon for him as well as expressing his pride for him. Having the confidence in himself restored, he rips the sword from its place and slays the monster. They leave the Dungeon with Joshua's sword when the demon appears. Jake replays the message where Joshua cast the demon away with the spell "Kee Oth Rama Pancake." The episodes ends with the two saying their dad was "cool."


Major characters[]

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  • In the holo-message, pictures of cats are hung on the wall behind Joshua.
  • When Finn and Jake enter their attic, there is a highway sign in the background that has a left turn and Interstate 312 indicator.
  • Joshua predicted Jake's every answer while recording on the holo viewer.
  • When the Hot Dog Monster and Hamburger Monster form, they shout an unintelligible battle cry. This is them saying "Mix your blood with ours, it'll be cool!" reversed.
  • Even though Finn's ears are on the sides of his head, he covers the bear ears on his hat when Joshua tells him to cover his ears.
  • Shortly after farting to defeat the Fruit Witches, Jake transforms into a cheetah, mirroring the start of the episode.

Episode connections[]

  • The chant Joshua says to banish the demon is "Kee Oth Rama Pancake." The Wizard Thief in "City of Thieves" also chants "Pancake" three times as an incantation to turn himself into a cat, suggesting "pancake" may be a magic word. It is also a reference to Natasha Allegri's cat named Pancake.
  • The Three Fruit Witches look very similar to the three girls in the title card of "Slumber Party Panic."
  • After Finn and Jake outrun the Fruit Witches, the title card music of "The Lich" plays.

Cultural references[]

  • Joshua's dungeon being under a rock might be a reference to The Legend of Zelda series, where many dungeons entrances can be found under rocks.
  • The Evil Monster references the boss at the end of each dungeon in The Legend of Zelda series. [citation needed]
    • The Evil Monster is also similar to the boss monster Bongo Bongo from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. [citation needed]
  • Jake remixes the message to say "Made Out of Babies" at the end, the name of a heavy metal band.
  • Joshua calls Finn "Sue" as a reference to Johnny Cash's song "A Boy Named Sue."
  • The scene with the Fruit Witches references the scene with the Pale Man from the 2006 movie, Pan's Ladyrinth.

Storyline analysis[]

  • Joshua's secret location for the first hologram and the way he directs them to the dungeon from Finn and Jake's house means that he must have died after Finn and Jake moved to their current house.
  • The key to the lock around the sword was on the Evil Monster's wrist. Finn actually broke the lock instead of taking the key from defeating the monster.
  • The reason Joshua made the dungeon was because baby Finn was too "soft," and cried when squeezed. Note his disapproval of baby Finn's whining in the first hologram, where he squeezes both Jake and Finn (Jake merely giggles).
  • In the last hologram before the last chamber, Joshua's messages could only make sense if he knew ahead of time that Finn and Jake would have chosen the flower path. That or the other (gross) path would not lead them to the end of the chamber.

Production notes[]

  • This episode was originally called "Dungeon," sharing its name with the season one episode, but it was changed to be "Dad's Dungeon."[1]
  • Originally, this episode was going to be story-boarded by Pen alone, but Adam Muto and Natasha Allegri helped out when he did not have enough time.[2]
  • Originally, this episode was going to include Shel Silverstein's version of "A Boy Named Sue," but it fell by the wayside.[3] Nonetheless, Joshua calls Finn "Sue" in one of the hologram recordings.
  • On iTunes, this episode along with the episodes "Another Way," "Ghost Princess," and "Incendium" are incorrectly labeled as part of season four.
  • This episode has aired in Latin America, even though after the fourth and even the first part of the fifth seasons were concluded, in a special dedicated to Adventure Time.


  • When the Giant Monster slaps Finn away from the sword, the key on its wrist disappears and reappears in the next scene.
  • When Finn says he is going to look around, he goes to the left; however, when Jake follows him, he is to the right. But when Jake looked for Finn, he first looked to the left tunnel. It is possible Finn went to the right tunnel offscreen.
  • When Finn is at the cross paths, a vent is on the flower path, but then when Finn is talking about them the vent is on the "That Guy" path. Also, the rocks that form the flower path change.
  • When Joshua does the spell, he looks on the demon on the holo viewer, but when Jake replayed it on the demon, Joshua faces the actual demon instead of the one in the holo viewer.
  • While Jake was replaying "Joshua's Final Message Remix," at some parts the video rewinds even when Jake does not press the rewind button.
  • When Finn and Jake are watching the first holo-message the candle on the chimney disappears and the design of the chimney changes.
  • The frames hung on Jake's bed doors only show violet and green backgrounds when they should show Lady Rainicorn and Finn next to some unknown green creature and the frame hung on Finn's bed should show some kind of green circle with symbols inside.
  • In the last holo-message their dad is in some room (most likely a room in their house growing up) when the ugly monster takes their dad into the final room with the sword, but in the dungeon it is a dungeon room with the hole in it instead of the room their dad was in.
  • When they get out of the dungeon they pass their tree house.
  • At the time they get out of the dungeon they walk towards the setting sun. In the beginning of the episode, however, their dad says the dungeon is to the west meaning the sun set in the north instead of the west like it should have.



This episode was censored on Cartoon Network Australia. See Censorship of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network Australia for more information.


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