Cyclops tears are magical tears that can heal any wound. They come from the Forest Cyclops. The Forest Cyclops claims that he never cries which would make them seem difficult to obtain, but the Enchiridion states, "What cyclopses lack in depth perception, they make up for in being really tall and crying a lot." Finn managed to get the tears by punching the cyclops in the eye. The Cyclops Tears are capable of bringing things to life, as shown when Finn poured some tears onto a Ham Sandwich. Finn bottled up some of the tears and offered them to Jake, but he said that the Clown Nurse's kisses work better. The bottled tears are mentioned again in the episode "Who Would Win," when Jake says that he's going to break every bone in Finn's body and then heal him with the tears.

Cyclops tears are mentioned in Chapter 10 of the Enchiridion, the chapter page also has a picture of the Forest Cyclops. The book reveals that his tears are made of echinacea, chicken soup, toad potion, apple juice, celery, soda, ginseng, roots, and marshmallow mold.


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