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This article is about the cyclops from "City of Thieves." You may be looking for the Forest Cyclops from "Another Way."

Cyclops is one of the many thieves that appears in the episode "City of Thieves." He steals Penny's flower basket from the Wizard Thief. He then had the flower basket and his glasses stolen by Phil.


Cyclops has glasses and a book with a picture of a horse tied to his arm. His skin is blue, and his body is very muscular and covered in stitched-up scars. His only clothing is a tattered brown skirt.


I'm gonna steal your flower basket, wizard!

—"City of Thieves"


  • His stolen glasses are normal glasses, but he is a cyclops with a single huge eye, so it is unclear how he would use the glasses.
  • He is voiced by Jeremy Shada, the same voice-actor for Finn.