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Cuties are small, fungus like creatures seen in the episode "Conquest of Cuteness." Their anatomical forms greatly differ from one another. They are ruled by Cute King.

They are discovered in the Tree Fort's yard. All they want is to get people to fear them, which is rather hard considering their harmless appearances. The most notable Cutie (excluding Cute King) is a Two Headed Cutie who tries to play a cruel joke on Finn by saying he is Finn's dead mother and that he despises him.

Abilities and weaknesses[]

The Cuties are very weak in battle; if they move too much they will fall apart, fall down, or spontaneously explode. They are capable of living even if dismembered, but no kind of anatomy or bodily fluids are seen. In the actual episode a great wave of cuties were rushing toward the tree fort but were destroyed before they reached Jake and Finn and had to retreat. The weapons that they use in combat are only dandelions, small twigs, and mushrooms, but they end up tripping on their dandelions' stalks or hitting themselves with the mushrooms.

Groups of Cuties are capable of merging to form a giant Super-Cutie (pictured below), with Cute King attached to its head. However, this merged Super-Cutie is still relatively small (not even rising to Finn's waist) and very weak.

Although they are physically weak, they have some ability to do battle strategies. For example, some are sent to steal weapons from enemies. They sometimes monitor enemies to find weaknesses to use against them and cause psychological distress, as when they spoke in a way that made it look like they poisoned Jake's burrito. Finally, their most powerful weapon, as Finn stated, is their cuteness that allows them to make others do what they want (as Cute King made the Ice King make him a sandwich).

List of known Cuties[]


  • The Cuties were previously named "Huggaboopies" in the episode outline, but this was later changed.[1]
  • Unlike their king, the Cuties love to be played with, especially when Finn and Jake first met them.
  • When the army of cuties formed super cutie, they resembled the combined freaks from "Freak City"