Cube People are characters that appear in the episode "Gut Grinder." They have bodies made of rectangular shapes and have a small white cube floating above their head. They speak with emotionless robotic-sounding voices. They live inside the Cube Village. The Cube People along with the Soft People and the Spiky People recognized Jake as the Gut Grinder.


  • The cube people are the first to identify Jake simply by looking at him, rather than by comparison like the Soft People.
  • Their design resembles Ignignokt and Err from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but in 3-D.
  • They slightly resemble characters from the game Space Invaders.
  • They bear a slight resemblance to Cuber from "Five Short Graybles."
  • In "The Gut Grinder" The Cube People think Jake is cute once they figure out that he isn't the Gut Grinder.


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