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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Crystals Have Power" from season 2, which aired on November 29, 2010.

Tree Fort
Forest setting (flashback)
Crystal Dimension
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[Episode opens with Finn sitting at the kitchen table with giant crystal in his arms while searching through a holobook.]
Finn: Hmm...
Jake: Yo, man, what's going on?
Finn: I found this crystal on our door step, it's pretty mysterious, I'm trying to find information about it using the holobook.
Jake: Oo, that's cool, but do you know what's really cool? Tough Guy contest! [flexes bicep] Whoo-hoo! [Does a spin and poses] Tough Boys!
Finn: [Stares at crystal's side] Wait man, doesn't this look like Tree Trunks' lipstick?
[Jake visualizes the scenario of Tree Trunks's explosion.]
Jake: That's impossible, Tree Trunks exploded in the scary dark forest after she ate that Crystal Gem Apple, remember?
Finn: Yeah, I remember. [looking solemn.]
Jake: Come on man! Tough Guy contest me!
Finn: Ha! [cheers up]
Jake: [Flexes his bicep] you got what it takes to rip-it?!
Finn: Uh, yeah! [puts down crystal.]
Jake: Then let's get it on!
[The contest begins with Finn breaking a branch over his knee.]
Finn: Yeah-yo!
[Pan over to Jake who is holding a chaise longue, he brakes it over his knee.]
Jake: Hee-yah!
[Cue screen [Finn's voice] "Round Two, baby!"]
Jake: [Holding out his arm] Do it, Finn, do it! [clenches fist.]
Finn: [Pinches the skin on Jake's extended arm.]
Jake: [His face wrinkles up trying to hold back a single tear. The tear is sucked back into his eye and Jake rubs his arm.]
Jake: [Quickly grabs for Finn's chest and twist.]
Finn: [He begins to shriek but stops himself by biting his lip.] [A single tear tickles out of his eye and splashes onto the floor.] Noooooo!
[Cue screen [Jake's voice] "Round Three"]
[Both Finn & Jake lock hands, trying to best the other. Finn puts Jake in a headlock.]
Finn: Got you, dude!
Jake: I'm gonna break out! [he begins to inflate in size.]
Finn: No way!
Jake: [Laughs and continues to inflate] I'm breaking out of my fat! [red and inflated] I win, Finn! Finn? [He finds that Finn is beneath him and quickly deflates] Finn, Finn! Are you okay?! [he rolls Finn over.]
Finn: [Turned on his back he begins to cough.]
Jake: [Touches Finn's face] I was just messing with ya, dude.
Finn: [Weakly] I... was just... messing with... you [poking Jake's forehead.] [He stands up and staggers to the tree's ladder.]
Jake: [Still concerned] Are you okay?
Finn: [Weakly and holding his stomach] Yeah, [breaths in] I'm just going to rest my muscles. [He climbs the ladder.]
Jake: Oh dangit, Jake [kicks a pink object] you can't get all out of control like that! [grabs a cup of juice] Why am I like this?! [echoing of last words] like this... like this...
[Flash back to Jake and his brother Jermaine in the forest, both have boxes gloves. Jermaine is face down in the grass while Jake cries over him.]
Joshua: [Walks up to them] Jake, what did you do to your brother?
Jake: We were just playin' and then I got out of control! I'm sorry, dad.
Joshua: [Pats Jake's head] No, son, you did good. [points at him] Having no self control makes you a tough galoot, like me!
Jake: [Teary eyed] But I don't want to hurt nobody!
Joshua: Well, that's too bad, kid, 'cause you're going to hurt everybody!
Jake: [Covering his ears and wails] Noooo!
[The flashback ends, Jake is still holding the cup, his eyes are wide and he is shaking]
Jake: [Snaps out of it and tosses cup] Whatevs', daddy! [Huffs and crosses arms.] [He continues to huff, turn, and then another huff to sit on the couch.] I'm never going to hurt anybody, ever, starting... now!
[Close up of window as the sun goes down and night comes.] [Shot of Tree Fort's exteriors as a bird's crowing is heard and the sun comes up.]
Jake: [Sitting on the floor sipping coffee]
Finn: [Arrives in the kitchen and yawns] 'Sup, dude?
Jake: Finn, you're okay! I was afraid I mashed your potatoes too hard last night.
Finn: Ha, you didn't mash my potatoes! [quietly] You didn't even make me cry silently into my pillow last night for- thirty minutes. In fact, you read to go again tough stuff?!
Jake: Nope, no more, dude.
Finn: What?!
Jake: I never wanna lose control again, man! I'm going totally soft [body becomes blob like.]
Finn: You look like a wuss!
Jake: Mmm hmm.
Finn: [Laughs] [Notices the crystal on the table.] Hey, the crystal is glowing a different color! [Picking it up and turning it, it begins to glow brighter causing Finn to drop it]
Jake: Whoa...
[There is an explosion of bright light and Finn is knocked to the floor. Suddenly a portal appears and three Crystal Guardians step through.]
Finn: Chip-chap-chop, what's going on?!
Crystal Guardian #1: Uh, which one of you is Finn the Human?
Finn: It depends on who's asking, are ya'll good or evil?
Crystal Guardian #1: Uh, we're good.
Finn: Oh, I'm Finn
Crystal Guardian #1: Get him! [Finn screams.]
Jake: [Still sitting with his coffee] Hey, you guys, put my bro down.
Finn: Jake! [being taken away.]
Jake: Finn! [runs to the portal and jumps through.]
[Jake lands face down in the Crystal Dimension. He quickly recovers to see Finn in a large bubble like prison, guarded by a single Guardian]
Finn: Hey!
Jake: Hey, man, what happened?
Finn: I don't know, but I'm trapped in this crystal ball, get me out of here!
Jake: Okay, I'll try to do it using 'controlled conversation' [rolls over to prison's door way.]
Crystal Guardian #3?: Halt.
Jake: Hey, man, I'm Jake.
Crystal Guardian #3: Beat it!
Jake: [Purses lips] I wanna know why you took my buddy and I'm not going to use force to get it out of you.
Crystal Guardian #3: I'm just following orders, bub.
Jake: Whose orders?
Crystal Guardian #3: Um, well, it's a secret but part of it is we're turning Finn into a crystal.
Finn: Jake, you can stop these guys now! [Two guardians appear and zap the crystal ball]
Jake: Ah, man!
Finn: [Pounding on the prison] get me out of here!
Crystal Guardian #3: No, you'll look awesome in crystal, like us!
Jake: Can't we work this out like gents?
Crystal Guardian #3: Get lost! [Kicks Jake]
Jake: [Smashes into a crystal and gets a vision with his father speaking to him.]
Joshua: Jake, lose control, flip out on those guys!
Jake: No, dad, I gotta control myself! [His body morphs thin and long as he slithers back over to the doorway] Control, control, control, con-trol.
Finn: [Still surrounded by the two guardians, he is zapped again] Help! My arm! [His arm changes into crystal.]
Jake: Whoa, okay okay. I'm hatching a controlled plan. Alright, man, move out of the way and let me get my friend.
Crystal Guardian #3: Nope, not doing it.
Jake: Then I'll have to move you myself, [zoom in of his mouth] with my mind. [Putting his hands to his head he concentrates intensely.]
Crystal Guardian #3: You're going to hurt yourself. Stop it.
Jake: [His face gradually reddens.] [He stops once a fart is let out and breaths heavily.]
Crystal Guardian #3: You're time is running out little dog. Hey, speed it up in there, guys.
Crystal Guardian #1: Okay, turn up the juice, man.
Crystal Guardian #2: Yeah, man. [They zap Finn again.]
Finn: [Screaming] JAKE, HELP!
Jake: Finn! [pumps up] Don't hurt my buddy! [gasps] No, Jake, no, don't lose control.
Joshua: [Appears to Jake again as a vision] Jake, Jake, come on punch them, Jake, punch everybody. Why not? Come on! Why not?!
Jake: No, no punchies! I am in control! [covers his face and cries.]
Crystal Guardian #3: Who are you talking to?
Jake: Nobody, man, don't look at me! [runs away crying.]
Crystal Guardian #3: Whoa, [chuckling] did you guys see that?
Crystal Guardians: [Chuckling] Yeah. Yes
Finn: Don't make fun of him, he's having problems, everybody has- [he is zapped again.]
Jake: [Punches a crystal and puts his head against it] Stupid-ghost-dad! I'll show him! [calmly] Okay, intimidate them with controlled attack.
Crystal Guardian #3: Hurry up, guys, I gotta drop a crystal donk.
Crystal Guardian #2: Oh, come on, I don't wanna hear that.
Crystal Guardian #3: Hey, whatever man, I ain't ashamed- whoa, what the?! [A shadow looms over him.]
Jake: [Morphed his body into a tall wall like appearance] [speaking a deep voice very slowly] open up! Feel my controlled attack! Whoooomp psssh [lightly punches guardian's face] Whoooomp psssh, Oooo oooh psssh.
Crystal Guardian #3: Stop it!
[Cue screen "4 minutes later."] [Jake is still lightly punching the guardian.]
Jake: I'm not hurting you am I?
Crystal Guardian #3: No, [slapping hand away] you freak!
Jake: Well, there's a lot more where that came from! So you best tell me why you're turning Finn into a crystal.
Crystal Guardian #3: Or what, you'll touch me?
Jake: So, help me I will touch you!
Finn: [Screaming] JAKE! AHH! HELP!!
Jake: Finn, oh no!
Crystal Guardian #3: [Pushing Jake back] cut it out he looks good.
Finn: MY BODY!! [he turns completely crystal.] [The prison pops and he falls to the ground.]
Jake: Nooo! My bud!! [shrinks down.]
Crystal Guardian #2: Ah, let him in, he can't do nothing now.
Jake: [Runs over the crystallized Finn] I'm sorry, Finn, I'm super lame and're dead.
Finn: I'm not dead, I'm just all crystal stiff.
Jake: Oh.
A voice: Get your hands off My lover!
Jake: That voice.
Finn: It sounds like-
Tree Trunks: [She appears from a corridor, hovering, pale skinned and crystal-eyed.] Yes, Finn, it's me, Tree Trunks. [Jake dragging Finn away] but in this world I am known as Quartzion the Crystal Queen.
Finn: Oh my grosh, you're alive!
Tree Trunks: Oh, I'm more than alive, Finn. After I ate that Crystal Apple in the scary dark forest, I was transported to this crystal dimension where I become ruler of the crystal men. And the crystal men are all in love with me.
[All three Crystal Guardians run up to Tree Trunks to profess their love.]
Crystal Guardians: Love you Quartzion! Quartzion, I love you! Quartzion, we love you! [bows.]
Tree Trunks: Yes, yes I know, but you love... is not enough [grins evilly] [Her eyes glow and from her trunk, a beam zaps the guardians into dust, Finn and Jake gasp.] I wanted you, Finn, so you could be transformed into my sexy crystal king.
Finn: Tree Trunks, you've gone bananas with crystal power!
Tree Trunks: Finn, it's not sexy for a king to call his queen bananas! [she unleashes a beam of light that turns the surroundings into dust, but Jake grabs Finn and runs for cover.]
Finn: Jake, you totally gotta stop her!
Jake: I'll try man, but I'm still figuring out my bizz, [stretches his legs to reach her height] here I come, Tree Trunks! [lightly touches her trunk] Taste my gentle rubs!
Tree Trunks: Whoa there, don't you put your junk on my trunk! [wraps Jake up.]
Finn: Go, Jake, go!
Jake: She's too sassy and powerful! [gets thrown at a crystal.]
Joshua: [His disembodied voice is heard] Jake, Jake, I brought someone here to see you, it's your brother.
Jake: Jermaine?! Are you dead?
Jermaine: Nah man, we're just dreamin' at the same time.
Jake: Oh, I'm sorry about that time I beat you up.
Jermaine: That was an accident, I knew you were just horsin' off!
Jake: But dad, you said I was going to hurt everybody!
Joshua: Yeah, every-bod-y.
Jake: I don't know, dad, that doesn't really help me.
Joshua: Everybody who is evil, Jake. Let me finish next time, hm, yeah?
Jake: Oh, well then I'm over it then! Rarr [charges back into battle.]
Finn: Jake, kick Tree Trunks in the tummy, shes probably still got that crystal gem inside her!
Jake: That must be giving her all her powers!
Tree Trunks: Marry me, Finn, we can snuggle through time and space and kiss each other in an alternate dimensional place.
Jake: [Morphs his foot into a giant boot and kicks Tree Trunks in the stomach.]
Tree Trunks: [Coughs up the Crystal Apple and returns to normal. The apple bounces off a wall, lands and opens a portal.] Oh, dear.
Finn: [Busts out of his crystal body and cheers.]
Jake: TT, you're back.
Tree Trunks: Oh, Jake, I was behaving so inappropriately I'm so embarrassed.
Jake: Oh shush, Tree Trunks, if I had a penny for every time someone went crazy hopped up on magic energy... I'd be Abraham Lincoln!
Finn: Tree Trunks, you're okay!
Jake & Tree Trunks: Finn!
Finn: I'm okay toooo! [does a cartwheel.]
Tree Trunks: Oh, Finn, I was trapped here for so long and all I could think about was you and how your so nice to me and I, and I just wanted to say... I think... you're cute and I like you.
Finn: [Blushing] Okay, okay, let's go.
Tree Trunks: Finn, when we get home, it's apple pie time.
Finn: Ooooh!! [picks her up and jumps through the portal, she giggles.]
Tree Trunks: ♪Apple pie in the oven, Tell me you can taste lovin'♪

End of "Crystals Have Power"