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"Crystals Have Power" is the eighth episode in the second season of Adventure Time. It's the thirty-fourth episode overall.


Jake takes a vow of non-violence, which is inconvenient when marauders from the Crystal Dimension kidnap Finn for their great master and covers Finn with a Crystal.


Finn is examining a crystal with a kiss mark on it that was left at the door of the Tree Fort, then Jake challenges him to a "tough guy contest." Finn suggests that the crystal was from Tree Trunks, but Jake believes that Tree Trunks is gone. She previously ate the Crystal Gem Apple in the episode "Tree Trunks," then disappeared. Finn stops his studying of the crystal and then begins to have a tough guy contest with Jake. First, they both break something in half. Finn breaks a branch in half, but Jake breaks a whole couch in half. Next, Finn pinches Jake on the arm, and he does not shed a tear. But then Jake twists Finns' nipples, which makes him shed one tear. Then Jake accidentally harms Finn when he loses control and crushes him, and the contest ends. When Finn goes to bed to rest his damaged muscles, Jake has a flashback. In it, he and his brother Jermaine are seen with boxing gloves, but Jermaine is seen knocked out on the ground. Jake's dad, Joshua, asks Jake what happened, and Jake replies that he was just playing around and he lost control. His dad then says that it is okay to hurt anyone, but Jake vehemently disagrees. After the flashback, Jake takes a vow of non-violence, and refuses to harm anyone by means of physical force. The next day, Jake asks if he had hurt Finn too much the day before, and Finn says he did not even make him cry silently in his pillow for 30 minutes (with a bit of sadness in his tone). Suddenly, the crystal opens a magic portal to the Crystal Dimension, and three Crystal Guardians appear. They ask for Finn, and when Finn gives his name, they grab him and take him through the portal with Jake running in shortly after. In the Crystal Dimension, Jake finds Finn trapped in a crystal bubble. Two guardians are seen holding a sort of crystal weapon, while the other one is guarding the entrance to the cave where Finn and the other two are. The two guardians inside are zapping Finn with their crystal weapon, turning him into a crystal. Finn yells in pain several times for Jake to help him. Jake tries many different methods to get past the guardian, as he is living up to his non-violence vow, but all are unsuccessful. After Finn becomes fully crystallized, the guardians allow Jake to pass, saying that there is nothing that he can do now. Jake laments and says to Finn that he was sorry for not being able to help, when the crystallized Tree Trunks appears. The Crystal Men begin to bow down to her, but she vaporizes them. It is then that Tree Trunks' plan is revealed: after she ate the Crystal Gem Apple, she was teleported to the Crystal Dimension, and became Quartzion the Crystal Queen. The three Crystal Men were all in love with her, but Tree Trunks was only in love with one person: Finn. She wanted to make Finn her Crystal King. Finn tells Jake that he has to stop her (because Finn cannot move) Jake still resists being violent, and she picks him up with her trunk and throws him hard onto a piece of crystal. It is then that he has a vision. His dad and Jermaine appear, and Jermaine says that it was fine that Jake hit him. Jermaine also said that he is not dead, he is having the same vision as Jake. His dad then says that Jake did not listen to his full speech: Joshua said that it was okay to harm anyone evil. Having heard this, Jake kicks Tree Trunks in the stomach, causing her to spit out the Crystal Gem Apple, which was the source of her power. Finn's crystal layer of skin breaks, setting him free, and Tree Trunks then returns to normal, then she apologizes to Finn, saying that she thought that he was cute and nice. Finn, blushing, accepts her apology, and Tree Trunks says when they get home, it is apple pie time. The crystal apple that Tree Trunks spit out turns into a portal back home and they all go in. They are then seen floating and holding hands through the portal while an auto-tuned song about apple pie begins to play.

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  • It is revealed in this episode that Jake and Finn have a brother named Jermaine.
  • Joshua is confirmed to be dead, which had previously been stated by Frederator Studios.[1]
  • During Jake's flashback, one can see "AT" carved into the tree behind him and Jermaine, as well as what appears to be a sword carving. AT most likely stands for "Adventure Time".
  • This is the first episode to be storyboarded by Jesse Moynihan.

Episode connections

Cultural references

  • The text on the title card bears a similarity to the title design on the 1980s Marvel Comics title The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior.
  • When Jake tries to intimidate the crystal guardians with a controlled attack, he changes his size and voice in a manner resembling Fezzik intimidating the guards in The Princess Bride.
  • Tree Trunks uses her ears to fly in a similar way to Dumbo from the Disney movie Dumbo.
  • The "Control" ditty Jake sings has the same melody as the classic song "Hey, Ho, Nobody Home."

Production notes

  • This is the last Adventure Time episode to air in 2010.


  • In the episode "Tree Trunks", Tree Trunks takes only a bite of the Crystal Gem Apple, but in Jake's and Tree Trunks' flashbacks in this episode she eats the whole thing in one bite.
  • In the flashback, Tree Trunks isn't seen wearing makeup.
  • When the crystal starts to glow, the eyes of the woman in the "nude" painting behind it are closed, but when she next appears they are open.
  • In the episode "Tree Trunks", Jake lifted Tree Trunks up to bite the apple; but in Tree Trunks' flashback, it was Finn's arm holding her.
  • In the flashback, when Tree Trunks is transported to the Crystal Dimension, the screen is darker in the European airings.
  • When Jake sets a crystallized Finn down so he can face Tree Trunks, Finn was set down lying on his belly. However, When the Crystal Gem Apple was knocked out of Tree Trunks's belly, Finn is shown lying on his back.



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