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Crystal Guardians are a species of creature that has made two different appearances in two different locations and facilities: one as the guardian of the Crystal Gem Apple of the Evil Forest, and the others as the guardians and protectors of the Crystal Dimension and loyal servants of Quartzion.

Crystal Guardian of the Evil Forest[]

The initial Crystal Guardian is first seen in Tree Trunks. It resides in the Evil Forest and guards the Crystal Gem Apple. It mirrored Finn and Jake's actions by shaping into a similar crystal-like form of them, making it invulnerable to injury. Finn and Jake tried to defeat it by physical force, but they failed. Tree Trunks then started dancing, and the Crystal Guardian began mimicking her. Finn and Jake decided to fight the monster Tree Trunks style, by wearing makeup and asking politely if Tree Trunks could eat the apple. It is unknown if there is a limit to how many people and creatures it can mimic at once, but what is made known is the people that were mimicked. (As listed below). Creatures and people that were mimicked include:

In the Crystal Dimension[]

In Crystals Have Power, Tree Trunks returns as Quartzion the Crystal Queen, the evil ruler of the Crystal Dimension, and assigns three Crystal Guardian minions to kidnap Finn and transform him into a crystalline form. Unlike the Guardian of the Apple, these Crystal Guardians can talk with their own will instead of mimicking and do not exhibit mimicry powers. Although they love and worship Tree Trunks, she did not think their love was enough, resulting in her quickly disintegrating them with her crystal powers.


It should be noted that these quotes are simply repetitions of things Finn and Jake said.

Stop copying me!

I'm okay with it! And I'm stupid!

Episode Appearances[]

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  • When the guardian of the Evil Forest mimicked Jake stretching up to the Crystal Gem Apple, it was the Tree Trunks part of the guardian that got taller.
  • It is an enemy in Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!, but it is nearly indestructible. The only way it can be destroyed is by using the Stars of Frozen Rain on it.