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We don't need an idol of wax, we need a princess with teeth of iron, heart of ice and will of fire. Crunchy the relentless, Princess Crunchy!

—"The Dark Cloud"

Crunchy (formerly Chicle) is a former gum person-turned candy person who was created by Princess Bubblegum to be her and Neddy's "Cousin."


Crunchy first appears in "You Made Me" as a test subject for Princess Bubblegum's Aura Visualizer, which reveals Crunchy's true essence as a pink cloud with multiple colored blobs floating around his body. Later in the episode, he is seen wearing a nightcap while in bed and sleeping alone with no roommate. When Princess Bubblegum wakes him up using the security system's intercom, he sleepily says, "Glob? Is that you?"

Princess Bubblegum uses him to try to teach Lemongrab how to treat Candy People nicely. She shows Lemongrab how to pamper Crunchy with kind and playful sounds and faces, but when Lemongrab attempts to do the same he ends up slapping and poking Crunchy repeatedly. Then Lemongrab screams, "Put you in my oven!" and pushes him to the ground, causing him to cry.

In "The Pajama War," Crunchy was the last to take the temporary throne. As he was about to execute Starchie by putting him in the crater, Princess Bubblegum and Finn came back and tell everyone to get back into their sleeping bags so she can read them a story. Also in the episode, Starchie refers to Crunchy as "the go-to guy" and "the new Cinnamon Bun," as Cinnamon Bun appeared in many episodes; this suggests Crunchy might take CB's place as the "go-to" Candy Person featured in various episodes and play a more central role in the series.

Crunchy explodes in "Something Big" because he was frightened; as explained in "Slumber Party Panic," when Candy People become too frightened they explode. However, he is rebuilt after the incident as confirmed at the end of the episode.

In "The Dark Cloud" Crunchy again becomes the temporary ruler of the Candy Kingdom after he and the other candy people rebel against the King of Ooo's regime. After Crunchy breaks free from his bounds and attacks the King of Ooo, he eventually pushes the latter into a fireplace, taking the throne for himself. Christening himself as "Princess Crunchy the Unforgiving," he gathers the citizens of the Candy Kingdom and motivates them to take up arms and join the fight against the vampires. However, at the end of the episode, Princess Bubblegum states that she intends to usurp Crunchy and re-gain rule over the Candy Kingdom.

In "Bonnibel Bubblegum," it is revealed that he was originally Princess Bubblegum's cousin Chicle, a male bubblegum humanoid she created when she was younger. However, all of Bubblegum's intelligent relative-creations turned against her, as Chicle was in cahoots with Bonnie's uncle Gumbald and his plan to overthrow their creator and build a candy city. In order to be in charge, Gumbald, Lolly, and Chicle formulated a "Dum Dum Juice"; poison that would make Bonnie docile and simpleminded like Mr. Cream Puff. While the three were celebrating their plan, however, Chicle and Lolly were fooled into eating happy juice cupcakes made by Gumbald. The poison transformed Chicle into the simpleminded chocolate-chip cookie Crunchy.

In "Skyhooks II" Crunchy was reverted into Chicle, his previous-self due to Lumpy Space Princess's anti-elemental lumps reverting everything into its "true shape."

During "Seventeen," Chicle along with his other family members team up with Fern to get revenge on both Finn and Princess Bubblegum but are forced to retreat because of Marceline.

In "Marcy & Hunson," Chicle is shown observing Bubblegum's friends for potential weaknesses and sees Marceline's is her father. He cloaks himself with a camouflage suit which also allows him to shape-shift which he uses to his advantage after Hunson Abadeer is released and causes trouble at her concert. Chicle's machinations are revealed to the group after he is spotted by Finn but he retreats from the area.

In "Gumbaldia," he along with Gumbald and Lolly "befriend" Finn and Jake. He splashes the two with a substance, which later is revealed to be the "Dum Dum Juice," telling them to "give Princess Bubblegum a big hug for me." Finn and Jake accidentally splash it on Chicle. Horrified by what had just happened to himself, Chicle runs into the bathroom and immediately turns back into his old, stupider self, Crunchy.

Crunchy is one of the characters still living a thousand years later, as he is seen coming out of something resembling cryogenics in "Graybles 1000+".


Crunchy is a brown, candy ball with small, darker-brown bumps all over his body. In "You Made Me," he is more spherical in shape, and in "The Pajama War," he is more similar to a chocolate chip cookie. Crunchy has an impressively deep and scratchy voice, which makes him sound kind of like a gruff old man.

As Chicle, he was originally a bubblegum humanoid of approximately 2.3m (7' 7") in height, according to Bonnibel. This is shown when he is standing outside the house and his head reaches the roof.


As Crunchy, he acts like a normal candy person and does not have any unique traits. When he is under the command of King of Ooo, he follows orders but questions his leader's selfish desires before having enough and overthrowing him to take over the kingdom. When Princess Bubblegum reclaims power, he did not seem to mind her overthrowing him and accepted it.

As Chicle, he seems to be a kind person as he gets along with his cousin/creator, even calling her "BB." However, he has a darker side, as after being manipulated by Gumbald, he joins in the latter's plan to overthrow his creator. He also appears self-conscious about his laugh after Finn and Jake indirectly insult it. A minor running gag seems to be Chicle being the "funny guy," with others replying "Oh, Cousin Chicle!"

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  • Crunchy somewhat resembles Princess Cookie.
  • Crunchy took the Candy Kingdom throne twice: once in "The Pajama War" and again in "The Dark Cloud." In both cases, Princess Bubblegum took back the power.
  • In "Marcy & Hunson," it was revealed that Chicle was the tall, thin guard that opened the door to Gumbald's lab for BMO and Ice King in "Always BMO Closing."
  • The "chicle" in Cousin Chicle is a Spanish word, which translates to "bubblegum" in English.
  • Crunchy having a somewhat dark side may be due to the fact that he is chicle.
  • In "Gumbaldia", Chicle mentions that her plan is to live forever. In "Graybles 1000+", it is clearly seen that Crunchy is still alive a thousand years later, which may suggest that his plan will come true.
  • In Come Along With Me, during the nightmare created by Jake with the nightmare juice, when Uncle Gumbald escapes the room through the chimney, a letter from Chicle lies on the ground where "I'm happier this way" is written, referring to Princess Bubblegum's justification of having kept her relatives as candy people for centuries.


Official art[]

Cousin Chicle's letter of happiness at the bottom right

Cousin Chicle's letter of happiness at the bottom right