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Crows are a species of Bird that can be found in the real world. We see a few crows throughout the duration of the Adventure Time series.

Known Crows

Image Name Basic Description
Crow Flock The Crow Flock was a flock of crows in the Adventure Time episode, BMO Lost, when Sparkle's mother made a noise that scared them out of the woods crowing.
Angry Crow The Angry Crow was a crow that flew at Finn while he was inspecting the woods for Lumpy Space Princess in the episode, "Apple Wedding."
Slicer Crows.png
Slicer Crows The Slicer Crows are a flick of crows that fly across the screen whenever Sir Slicer enters a scene. They first appear in the episode, "Blood Under the Skin."


They appear to be black birds with red stomachs.


  • The crows were used to signify that the thing that was heading BMO and Air's way was big.