Crossbow Guy is a character in the episode "City of Thieves." He is a resident and one of the many criminals who live in the City of Thieves. He used to own a crossbow, but it was stolen by the Two Headed Thief. He used the crossbow as a grappling hook to steal Mr. Turtle's giant ruby out of his crown. Finn told him that stealing is wrong so he put the gem down in shame, meaning he may have been a good guy corrupted by the city.


Crossbow Guy has a very muscular body with legs that are small relative to his body, and he doesn't appear to have a neck. His skin is greenish-brown, and he has some short hairs on his arms and head. The right side of his chest has a stitched up scar. He wears blue jeans with a chained bag on them and wears dark-brown boots.


  • His crossbow is similar to the one Finn used in the episode "The New Frontier."


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