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Crabbit Familiar is Maja's companion and sidekick in "Sky Witch." He is sent to do the evil deeds throughout the episode. When Princess Bubblegum and Marceline first encounter him, he drops a feather that transforms into a likeness of Hambo. Princess Bubblegum recognizes the trap and throws her googoomamameter at it, causing the illusion to disappear and prompting wooden pikes to thrust upward out of the ground underneath it.

Later on in the episode, after shapeshifting into Hambo to trick Marceline, he fights her but loses badly. Battered and bruised, he tells Maja that he wants to give up working for her to take up dancing. Maja then chases him down the hall, zapping him with her magic.

He makes a cameo in the series finale "Come Along With Me" and appears to be performing in a theater.


Maja's Crabbit Familiar first appears as a black rabbit-crow hybrid, before taking on a human-like form in order to battle Marceline.


  • Crabbit Familiar can morph into different shapes and characters.
  • His feathers can fall and form illusions to trap his target.
  • A familiar is defined as an animal or pet that is counterpart to a witch. Familiars can be spirit guides or simply assistants for their witches.
  • A different "Crabbit" was featured in the Sam Kieth comic book and animated series The Maxx, though this was a rabbit/crab animal, as opposed to a rabbit/crow.
  • A human female version of him named Miss Rabow appears in the Fionna and Cake series episode, "The Star" alongside a human male version of his master named Marjoe Hellstorm.