Cosmic gauntlets are gauntlets with suspected enchantments from the cosmos or the Cosmic Owl, as their name suggests. They first appear in "Rainy Day Daydream," in which two cosmic gauntlets are seen in the Tree Fort's armory. Jake wanted Finn to take a gold gauntlet, but Finn quickly rejected the weapon, saying, "Naw, there's a better one over by the desk." The second gauntlet is a dark blue color with a skull on the arm. Because of complications in getting the bigger gauntlet, neither are actually used in the episode. That same dark blue gauntlet appears in ghost fly, but again is not used. Billy's gauntlet appears in "His Hero" and "Mortal Folly," and the bigger blue gauntlet later appears in "Beyond this Earthly Realm."


The gold gauntlet has two darker gold rings on each dig it, as well as one at the base of the hand and one high on the wrist. In its palm there is a ruby colored eye. It also has a large rhombus-shaped ruby and two smaller blue gems on the wrist. The gold gauntlet is similar in size to The Gauntlet of the Hero Billy. Considering this, it is notable that the gold gauntlet also has an eye and six digits. Billy's gauntlet also has a similarly shaped large jewel and double stripes on each digit.

Blue Gauntlet

The dark blue cosmic gauntlet has a significantly bigger palm, and the gauntlet itself appears to be about the height of Finn. It has a pale green skull with red eyes on the palm and lines of similar color on each digit. Unlike the gold gauntlet, it has only five digits and no eye or jewels.

Both gauntlets constantly sparkle, indicating some sort of power associated with them.


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