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This article is about Tree Trunks' classmate. You may be looking for Princess Cookie or Cookie Guy.

Cookie is a character that appears in the episode "Ring of Fire". She went to high school in the Tiny Mammal Kingdom with Tree Trunks and Randy. She was eager for Tree Trunks to sign her swim team photo in her yearbook, and saw Randy propose to her.


Cookie is a giraffe, although her neck is not that long. Like all tiny mammals, she is smaller than an average giraffe. She wears a pink hat with a light pink ribbon. She also has a pink dress (the same shade as the hat), a light pink skirt with a dark pink squiggle design, and a white bandana tied around her neck.


Cookie comes across as overeager, hurrying Tree Trunks to sign her yearbook.


Ahem! Twee Twunks, would you sign my yeawbook?

Would you sign your swim team photo?


  • When she speaks, her "r's" sound like "w's".