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"Conquest of Cuteness" is the first episode in the third season of Adventure Time. It's the fifty-third episode overall.


Finn and Jake must defend their home from the Cuties, a tiny race who believe themselves to be evil, destructive invaders.


Jake is seen cooking breakfast when Finn walks into their kitchen. After a quick beat-boxing session, Jake makes an Everything burrito. Finn and Jake then hear a noise in the Tree Fort's yard, where they encounter a group of small creatures called the Cuties, led by their king, whom Finn and Jake find very cute. However, their king says they are not really cute and plan on defeating Finn and Jake. Jake becomes slightly disturbed after the creature's threat. But then Finn and Jake get BMO to take pictures of the Cuties and Snail is seen waving but glaring at Finn and Jake. After playing with the creatures and taking pictures of them, the Cute King becomes enraged, and vows to kill Finn and Jake, also insinuating that they sabotaged Jake's Everything burrito.

Jake cries out in horror as he looks upon his burrito, but Finn says there's nothing wrong with it. However, Jake believes the Cuties poisoned it somehow, put off by the fact that they knew his name and about the burrito, and decides to bury it behind the Tree Fort and marks it with a grave. As Finn prepares to go to sleep, Jake climbs into Finn's bed, as he is still worried about the Cuties' threats, but Finn reassures Jake that the creatures are harmless. Jake remarks that Finn "sounds like Mom" before falling asleep. Finn is suddenly woken up by Jake, who says fearfully that he heard noises in the fort. Finn listens for a moment before spotting two Cuties handling Jake's sword before they flee.

As Jake's fear intensifies, they both hear a strange noise downstairs. Upon coming across nothing but a broken window, the two hear a voice claiming to be their mother, stating that she is disappointed in them both, and that they are stupid. However, they soon discover it is one of the creatures playing a joke on them. They chase the creature into a hole in the tree trunk where Finn grabs it.

Before escaping, it warns Finn and Jake of an attack on the fort by their army arriving at sunrise. The next morning Finn and Jake blockade the Tree Fort with furniture, and seeing the army arriving they become afraid. However, after seeing the cute creatures fall apart and injure themselves (one even explodes), they discover the creatures are very weak and harmless, except to themselves. Their king tries to help them but fails, and orders a retreat. Finn and Jake follow the Cute King to a well with the remaining injured small creatures. He tries to start planning another attack, despite the fact that they cannot take two steps without exploding, but this only ends with all the Cuties, including Cute King himself, bursting into tears.

Taking pity on the cuties, Finn and Jake decide to fake their deaths so the creatures can feel good about themselves and declare their first victory. In order to make it seem like a battle between armies, they gather Lumpy Space Princess, BMO, Cinnamon Bun and a duck.[1] The creatures attack, and Finn, Jake, and their friends fake their deaths and pretend to bleed with ketchup, but at the end of the attack, the Cute King performs a victory dance on Jake's stomach, which causes Jake to laugh, revealing he is alive. Everyone else, realizing that Jake is caught, reveal themselves.

The Cute King is saddened by this, claiming he just wanted he and his people to cause fear and gain control. Finn tells the Cute King that his people's power is not in their strength, but in their cuteness. The Cute King asks Finn how to use their power, and Finn decides to send the Cute King to the Ice King. The Cute King demands the Ice King makes him a sandwich, and when the Ice King refuses, the Cute King strikes a cute pose, with which the Ice King is awestruck and promptly makes a sandwich.


Major characters[]

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  • As of this episode, the Adventure Time credits now put certain voice actors into an additional voices section, unlike the earlier seasons, where it had all of them.
  • Some episode summaries released by Cartoon Network used the old version of the Cuties' name, "Snuggadoodle and the Huggaboopies."
  • Even though BMO is genderless, Finn calls it "m'lady."
  • This is the first episode that Finn and Jake talk about Margaret, calling her "Mom."
  • It is revealed in the book: Righteous Rules for Being Awesome, that Jake ate his Everything burrito after he buried it.
  • This is the only episode where Finn sleeps under a blanket without his sleeping bag.
  • This is the first episode where viewers see Finn having a weapon other than a sword. His weapon of choice in this episode was a crossbow and bolt.
  • This is the last full episode to use the old animation style and music from season 1 and 2.

Episode connections[]

  • During the scene where Lumpy Space Princess is faking being in love with one of the Cuties, the viola music that Jake was playing for Finn in the episode "When Wedding Bells Thaw" was playing in the background.
  • It is revealed that Jake has a sword of his own. He was seen using the sword in the beginning of "Tree Trunks," but it was not confirmed that it was his.

Cultural references[]

  • BMO's camera produces the same sound as the Hitchhicker's camera from the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.
  • Cute King yelled out "Bravest warriors!" This refers to Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward's earlier cartoon Bravest Warriors.
  • Cute King says "Enjoy your burrito, Jake," which is a reference to the Nerdist podcast's phrase ending each episode.


  • On the first running, the ending had the camera zooming in to Ice King's beard, but on re-runs, the ending just had the camera taking a picture.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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