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The "Computer Song" is a song Finn and Jake sing in the episode "Guardians of Sunshine." As they were inside of a video game, this song sounded like 8-bit music.


Finn: Beep! Boop!
We are in the computer world
We're computer boys, not computer girls.
Jake: In a game, I can be who I virtually am.
Finn: I can walk and sing, I can kill Silly Sam.


  • During the song, Finn's eyes and mouth moved like the paddles and ball from the game Pong as he said "We're computer boys, not computer girls."
  • This song was sung in LEGO Dimensions in the Adventure Time level, "A Book and a Bad Guy."
  • The beginning of the song bears a passing resemblance to "Wily Stage 1" from the Nintendo Game Boy game, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge.