This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Come Along With Me" from season 10, which aired on September 3, 2018.

Land of Ooo
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Act I

[Outside a very tall Tree Fort, Shermy and Beth are lying on the grass and beatboxing.]
Shermy: Haha, you're doing it wrong. Like this. [beatboxes]
Beth: [blows raspberry] Shermy, this is silly as heck. Beatboxing is for babies.
Shermy: [robotic voice] No, it's not. I am a man.
Beth: I don't know about that, but you should start thinking about your future.
[Shermy fakes a heart attack and falls on his back into the grass.]
Shermy: What about you, Princess Zip? What are your goals?
Princess Zip: [Speaks alien language]
Shermy: Ha! Princess Zip's got a one-track mind!
[The ground starts to shake. A Prize Ball Guardian is seen in the distance guarded by a futuristic flying Banana Guard.]
Shermy: Prize Ball Guardian's back!
[Princess Zip flies away in a hurry, shooting off into the distance, akin to a rocket.]
Shermy: Let's get 'em!
[Shermy and Beth run closer to the Prize Ball Guardian.]
Shermy: Get that boulder!
[Beth teleports the boulder closer to them using her bellybutton.]
Shermy: Hup! Whap!
[Shermy ties a rope between the boulder and a tree.]
Shermy: Ha! Here it comes!
[The Prize Ball Guardian walks between the tree and the boulder. Its foot gets stuck for a second, but the rope becomes untied and the Prize Ball Guardian keeps on walking.]
Shermy: [laughs] Boy! My knots suck!
[The flying Banana Guard, grasping its weapon, turns around and faces Shermy.]
Shermy: Yeah, I see you.
Beth: Hey, Sherm, you see this?
Shermy: Nope.
Beth: It looks like the Guardian scuffed something up.
[In the footprint left by the Prize Ball Guardian is an old metal prosthetic arm.]
Shermy: Ohhh! [picking it up] Whoa!
Beth: It's beautiful! Let's take it home, and I'll learn about it with my brain.
Shermy: You and your brain!
[Scene cuts to Shermy and Beth walking into a cave and entering their house.]
Shermy: [Singing] ♪ "On a tropical island, on a tropical island..." ♪
Shermy: It looks so old, Beth! Whose do you think it is... or was?
Beth: There's no markings on it or anything. I think we should find the King of Ooo and ask him.
Shermy: What? Beth, the King of Ooo is just a myth... Come on, Beth!
Beth: That's what I thought, too, but I was doing some research at the library–
Shermy: Nooooo! Not the library! You can't make me!
Beth: Shermy, I have the book here. Already checked it out.
Shermy: Oh.
Beth: He's supposed to have lived in a cave at the top of Mount Cragdor.
Shermy: Really?
Beth: Uh-huh... He's supposed to have lived forever.
[Scene cuts to Shermy and Beth walking up a mountain.]
Shermy: Come on, Beth! Come on, come on, come on!
[Shermy jumps into Beth's bellybutton, teleporting him farther up the path.]
Shermy: Come on, Beth! Come on, come on, come on!
[They reach the top of the mountain.]
Shermy: I did it. I found him! The King of Ooo.
BMO: Welcome, friends, I've been expecting you. Because of my proximity radar. Hehehe... Come on inside.
Shermy: Wow! King of Ooo, you must be rich!
BMO: Yeah, that's me alright.
BMO: I'm sure you are very thirsty after your journ...[something shatters in the room]
Shermy: Whoops...
Shermy: This place is wild. [Shermy runs into AMO's old body] Huh? This is crazy!
BMO: Please be careful with...[something snaps in the room]
Beth: Sorry, sir... My big feet.
Shermy: Hey, Beth, look. I'm a princess, too [more things fall and break]
Beth: Shermy...
Shermy: I-I think it's okay... [BMO leaves the scene slowly]
Beth: Be careful... This stuff isn't ours. Woops. Oh... [a door cracks open and the wintery wind flows into the room]
BMO: Well, goodbye!
Beth: Oh, no, no...
BMO: Have fun on the other side of this door.
Beth: But... We came here to ask about something.
BMO: No, don't worry about it. Please leav... [Beth touches BMO's head with Finn's bionic arm]
Beth: [BMO takes his crown and fake beard out and picks the arm up] Do you recognize it?
BMO: Yeah... It belonged to my best friend. Fred!
Shermy: Fred!
BMO: No... Not Fred... His name was, Phil! He was an amazing hero, and he was there at the end.
BMO: Do you know about The Great Gumwar?
Shermy: Mnm-mnm.
BMO: Well, get ready to have your hair blown back!
[Flashback to Finn and Jake, sitting atop of a cliff. Finn stares at King man, Betty and Maja who are on top of a flying carpet.]
Finn: Hey, there it is again! It's close.
Jake: Let me see!
Finn: [Watching through binoculars] It looks like Normal Man, Betty, and... [enhancing] Maja?
Jake: [trying to get the binocular] Come on!
Finn: Hey, just-
Jake: Let me- [grunts, sees through binocular] Maja's got smoke coming off her.
Finn: You think they're with the Gumbaldians?
Jake: I don't know, but they're flippin' freakin' me out. [Normal Man, Betty, and Maja disappear.] Guess we better tell PB, huh?
Finn: [Sighs] Yeah, I guess.
Jake: Hey man, don't even worry about all this war stuff. I know we'll find a way to fix this thing. Come on! You'll see. [Stretches, taking Finn and heading toward the Candy Kingdom.]
BMO [narrating]: And so the Princess was mother to her own uncle, and that made him mad. But she had friends, and he had friends, so they decided to have a bad fight - the biggest fight that Ooo had ever seen.
Princess Bubblegum: Then it's settled. At the stroke of high noon, when the sun is at its most zenith-est, Banana Battalions three and four will initiate operation "Shut the Door", forming a pincer formation around Gumbald's exposed nether legions, isolating his rear and -
Duke of Nuts: Um, excuse me? Excuse me. Princess, if I may. I think I have a plan that'll put an end to all this tonight. I just need a Bowie knife, a snowmobile, a parachute, rubber gloves, and, uh... [interrupted by Lemongrab]
Lemongrab: [Grunts] Terrible, mm! Terrible plan!... Mm! No!
Duke of Nuts: But, but my -
Lemongrab: My plan! Hot air balloon!
Princess Bubblegum: Hey! Now's not the time. Unless we win this fight today, we all get to take a nice Pep-Butt-style sponge bath in Uncle Gumbald's extra-strength lobotomy sauce, understand? [Peppermint Butler, now a baby, stumbles in front of her and falls off the table.]
Lemongrab: No.
Duke of Nuts: Not really.
Princess Bubblegum: Well I do, so we're doing this my way. Now-
Finn: Um, PB?
Princess Bubblegum: Finn, you're back. How goes the scouting?
Finn: Um-
Jake: We saw Normal Man and Betty flying around with Maja, and they were chanting.
Princess Bubblegum: Hmm, very peculiar.
Finn: Hey, maybe this is, like, a bad omen. Like, to see the King of Mars, um, up among the stars? It's like a bad omen, and you should call off the battle. I think I heard that somewhere...
[Some beeps catch Finn and Princess Bubblegum's attention. A cake person, outside their tent, is spying them with a camera.]
Camera: Low battery. Please connect to power...
[Huntress Wizard shoots an arrow near the cake person, and she grunts to him.]
Cake Person: [Gasps] Long live Gumbaldia!
[The cake person runs away and Huntress Wizard chases after him. Soon, the cake person shrieks, terrifying Finn.]
Princess Bubblegum: Stonk! That dang Gumbald just peeped all my tactics! [Grunts, smashing the camera] He's left me no choice. The attack begins now.
[Cut to the tent where Gumbald, who is watching the recording, and his allies are.]
Princess Bubblegum [in video]: Stonk! That dang Gumbald just peeped all my tactics! [Video is paused]
Gumbald: Well, that settles it then. If we know, and she knows, and we know she knows we know - which we do - then we know we have no choice. We must strike now. Ladies and gentlemen, to war!
[It's dawn and Banana Guards are hurrying to the battlefield. Marceline descends from top and levitates in front of Princess Bubblegum, who is testing her war horn while walking, not noticed. She bumps into Marceline's feet, and she looks up at Marceline]
Marceline: A word?
Princess Bubblegum: All right, just make it quick. ...Please.
Marceline: Well, I know you're under a lot of pressure here, but I... I just wanna ask you to reconsider. I mean, I don't like to flaunt my suffering cred, but I've lived through something like this once before, and... [cut to a flashback of child Marceline picking Hambo during the Mushroom War, facing some burning buildings] I'm just not really tryin' to help start that all up again.
Princess Bubblegum: I understand, Marceline, I really do. But I just can't see another way out of this. Look, I've gotta go. [walking away] Let's talk more when this is all over. Wish me luck, okay?
Marceline: Good luck!
Jake: [to Finn] What if PB's right about this? Maybe she'll just go whup Gumbald's rear, and then things'll go back to normal.
Finn: Nah, man, she's wrong. This is all wrong. Even if she wins now, this is never gonna end; I can feel it. It's like the whole world's going crazy, man, like we're living in, one, big... [turns around and checking his pack]
Jake: Finn?
Finn: [takes out the Nightmare Juice given by Nightmare Princess]... one big nightmare.
[Sun rises; cuts to the troop of Banana Guards with Lumpy Space Princess before them.]
Lumpy Space Princess: Here we go.
Colonel Candy Corn: [Watches Huntress Wizard as a bird form flying; turns back] War! War! War! War! War! War!
Princess Bubblegum: Banana Guard 500s, you're on!
[A nearby wooden crate collapses, revealing an armed and advanced Banana Guard inside.]
Banana Guard 500: Up we go. [Ascends with a rocket, so do more Banana Guard 500s.] In position, ma'am. Code name, "Father's Brother", appears testy.
Gumbald: [laughs inside The Cake] More bananas!? You're weird, Bubblegum! [walks back to the panel behind; to a cake person] You! Give me your lunch. Got a banana in here? [finds a lemon] Is this a banana? Hey, niece!
[Gumbald tosses the lemon to the ground, blasting it with a giant laser beam with a candle, while other cake people around runs away before then when spotting this. Seeing this, Lemongrab, next to Princess Bubblegum, writes a note and pass it her.]
Princess Bubblegum: Yes? [reads the note, reading "UN-MAKE ME", "L." Groans and then steps on some banana guards] I'm doing it! I'm soundin' the war horn! [War horn blares]
Finn: Wait!
Princess Bubblegum: What!? [The horn stops.] Dang it, Finn!
Finn: PB! He sees that you're serious! Maybe he'll back down now. Please listen to me! We've been friends for a long time. [in her's view, a montage of Shoko, with her robot arm, is shown.]
Princess Bubblegum: [frowns] Okay, Finn. We'll give him one last chance.
[The Cake walks a few steps towards and stops.]
Gumbald: What? [with a telescope, seeing Princess Bubblegum, Jake, and Finn, who is waving with his hat.] Come on.
Finn: Here they come!
Gumbald: Hurry this up. I want a war.
Finn: Hey, Fern.
[The Green Knight, with his grass armor popples, gives no response.]
Princess Bubblegum: Uncle Gumbald, I demand that you de-escalate your forces now.
Gumbald: [Chuckles] Listen to yourself. You're a toddler, Bonnibel.
Princess Bubblegum: [Gasps] SURRENDER OR DIE!
Gumbald: No!
Jake: That's my cue!
Princess Bubblegum: What?
Jake: Hya-pow! [Hops and throw the Nightmare Juice to the ground.]
[The bottle shatters, and a light purple fog is unleashed, surrounding them and making them unconscious.]
Lumpy Space Princess: [Screams] They're dead! They're surely dead!

Act II

[Cut to the unconscious world.]
BMO [narrating]: And so they were dead. ...No, not dead.
Princess Bubblegum: What is this place? Finn?
Finn: Last resort! Sorry, PB, but you were acting like total nuts out there. Now you guys have to hash this out in the unconscious world.
Gumbald: This is... a dream?
Jake: Yeah, man. You can basically do anything in dreams.
[Jake closes his eyes and a sandwich pops up in his right hand, and he starts to eat it. Seeing this, the Green Knight turns back into Fern.]
Gumbald: Sneak attack! [brings a mace into existense; Fern does too] If we destroy them here, maybe they'll die in the real world.
Princess Bubblegum: Psst! Not if I destroy you first!
Finn: No! We need love, not war!
Princess Bubblegum: Good idea. [creates a pink bazooka] Love bazooka! Put down your weapons, or I'll bazooka you!
Gumbald: No!
[A nearby pot shakes and a singing poodle comes out, confusing Gumbald, Fern, and Princess Bubblegum.]
Finn: Thank goodness for a singing pot beast to de-escalate the situation.
[The poodle explodes into colorful light, birds and flowers, blinding the rest of people except Gumbald, who starts to run away.]
Jake: Oh, this sandwich is way too much for me. Jermaine always liked splitting sandwiches.
Jermaine: [Comes into existence, taking a bite of the sandwich.] Mmm! Thanks, bro.
Gumbald: I'm gonna figure out how to wake myself up and take my revenge on you sleeping chumps!
Fern: You're leaving me?
Gumbald: You're on your own, kid. [Disappears in a chimney.]
[Overwhelmed by being abandoned, Fern, staring forward, grows roots to the ground.]
Princess Bubblegum: He's rooting into the ground. Ready, aim...
Finn: No! [Shoves away the bazooka, which blasts a hole on the wall.] You're supposed to be having some kind of epiphany!
Princess Bubblegum: [Lets go of the bazooka.] Here's my epiphany: you've gone rogue on me! I'm outtie five thou! [Flies away through the hole.]
Finn: Fern! [Grunts] Come on! Snap out of it, man! [More vines grows around Fern.] Aah!
Fern: I don't need your help. [Swishes the Grass Sword while a green cocoon wraps him up.]
Finn: Jake? Help me!
Jake: I want to help you, [suddenly wearing a waiter suit] but I can't lose this job.
Jermaine: [Snaps finger twice] Waiter! Oh, waiter!
Finn: Dude...
[Fern's cocoon breaks, Fern, now a pterodactyl-like monster, screeches and flies into the sky.]
Fern: I'm going to fly around, and wreck things, until I feel better! Or until I tire myself out.
Finn: Peaceful thoughts... [Turns himself into a small blue butterfly; flies towards Fern] Fern!
Jermaine: It all looks so good. [Fern screeches at Jake and Jermaine, who notices him] What's up with that bird? Why are you looking at me, bird? [Fern dives in front of them, flying away, with Finn chasing him.] Bad bird!
Jake: [Looking Fern trying to fight Finn; sighs] Everybody gets an evil doppelganger but me.
Jermaine: I'll be your evil doppelganger!
Jake: Jermaine, you're the best! [Laughs and hugs Jermaine.]
[Jake and Jermaine run around happily; the scene changing into Princess Bubblegum chasing a laughing Gumbald.]
Princess Bubblegum: Enough, Gumbald! [Both diving into the mouth of a nightmarish Gumball Guardian.]
Gumbald: [To a Sandwich Person] Pinch me, I want to wake up!
Princess Bubblegum: Gumbald! We're ending this here.
Gumbald: So be it.
[Both Princess Bubblegum and Gumbald create a toothbrush, engaging in a duel; as they stops, both of them shocks glitchily. Cuts to Finn comforting Fern, who is still screeching.]
Finn: If you could just calm down and be cool, it would be a great thing that there's two of us.
[Fern loses his balance and starts to fall, turning back to original form and screaming, and Finn also turns back and fetches Fern on the ground.]
Fern: Why don't you just fight me like a real butterfly!?
Finn: We're two sides of the same coin!
Fern: You'll never understand what it's like to be me. I'm TORMENTED!
Finn: I'm ALSO that sometimes!
Fern: Prove it, or I'll never stop fighting you.
Jermaine: [Laughs with Jake, and then notices Finn and Fern] Oh geez, how's he gonna do that?
Jake: Hmm? [Notices a Finn-shaped door appears on the wall] Finn, we'll be right back.
Finn: Okay- ah! [tackled by Fern]
[Jake and Jermaine laugh and pass the door together. The screen goes black for few seconds and cuts to a nightmarish Gumbald's Cabin in night, with Princess Bubblegum and Gumbald randomly switching identity with each other.]
Princess Bubblegum: [Holding a flask of Dum Dum Juice] Come on, little gum. Don't run away from happiness! I'm gonna fix you!
Gumbald: No, no, no!
Princess Bubblegum: Just ONE drop. Drip a drop, I drip a drop. Not gonna stop, till I drip a drop.
Gumbald: Hmm? [blows a bubble containing a pea shooting taser]
Princess Bubblegum: [Laughs] Drip, drip! [The flask is broken by Gumbald, shattered, splashing the juice over her body. She gasps.] The juice! NOOOO!... [Engulfed by a pink smoke and turned into a pink candy person; chuckles] ...Wuh-what?
Gumbald: [picks up Princess Bubblegum's crown and puts it on] Call me... princess.
[Candy Bonnibel seems not amused. The scene converts through a giant eye on the wall.]
Jermaine: What are we looking for?
Jake: Mm, I can't quite picture it. But I'm pretty sure Finn buried it here.
Jermaine: ... In the underground balloon mall. Remember how much balloon animals used to cheer Finn up?
Jake: Yeah...
Lady Rainicorn: 그래. ("Yeah.")
Jake: [confused] Huh?
[Lady, now as Jake's arms, is with him on the planet Ni'Rah, looking Jake.]
Jake: Uh, Lady, where's Jermaine?
Lady Rainicorn: 쉿. ("Shh.") [leads Jake to a red, hexagonal portal.] 이런 어두운 지하굴에서는 살살 걸어야 돼. ("You have to walk carefully in a dark cave like this.")
[The portal opens, zooming to a small carton house with Jake's five pups sleeping inside.]
Jake: Aww, sleepy puppies.
[The pups wake up, staring Jake with blank, black eyes.]
Jake: Yee! [Steps back in horror]
[The pups ascend and turn into vampires, hissing.]
Jake: And I'm done!
Lady Rainicorn: 걱정하지 마, 제이크! 내가 처치할게! ("Don't worry, Jake! I got this!")
Jake: What? Oof! [dragged by Lady and falls down; gasps]
[Lady is cooking Charlie, Viola, and Jake Jr. alive, with Kim Kil Whan as a hot dog and T.V. having a tomato stuck into his mouth.]
Charlie: [in a distorted voice] Your farts aren't funny, dad!
Jake: NOOOOOO!!! [collapses and weeps on the ground, while his body detaches with Lady, with his rear sniffing around, digging into a rug.] Huh? Oh dang! [Finn's vault is found underground.] Is that... Finn's vault? [suddenly, a giant fog of fart erupts from his rear] Aargh! Nightmare fart!
[Candy Bonnibel opens her eyes, and Gumbald, now a princess, stands and ascends on a quickly growing Candy Tree. In a few seconds, Bonnibel can see the whole process of Gumbald's kingdom developing into a flourishing society, pretty identical to the Candy Kingdom.]
Candy Bonnibel: [Thinking] It's beautiful...
[Candy Bonnibel stands in a street, still watching. A silhouette of Gumbald emerges, and the whole candy castle starts to melt down into pile of sticky waste, terrifies Candy People around.]
Gumbald: No! Oh, why didn't I build an armature?
Candy Bonnibel: [Grunts and struggles to reach Gumbald; thinking] I can help you, Princess! Just listen to this! [Inhales; in a childish voice] Watch me do my tiny taffy dance! [She fails to do what she intended and dances, sobbing in a smiley face]
[Gumbald is entertained by the dance and laughs, but then he cries bitterly to the candy ruins and also melts. The light goes out.]
[Fern, as a green bear, growls at Finn.]
Finn: Fern, come on! I'm not fighting you.
[Finn turns into a blue bear to resist Fern's attack. Suddenly they stop and sniff.]
Finn & Fern: Oh, what reeks?
Jake: Repressed memories! [Brings the vault from the portal. A note on it reads "THIS VAULT BELONGS TO FINN AND FERN"]
Finn & Fern: My vault!?
Jake: Proof! [Opens the vault.]
[Some ghostly, glowing, green figure of their fears come out; Finn and Fern scream. As the figure becomes clear, they are a mix between Grass Demon with Martin Mertens, Princess Bubblegum, Susan Strong, and The Lich, in green flames.]
Finn: See? this is our shared torment!
[The fears start to fly around like ghosts; Finn and Fern scream again as they revert to their humanoid form.]
Fern: Dude, I blocked this stuff out for a reason!
Finn: [Speaks painfully] Well, now you know how I feel about knowing how you feel about!
Fern: [Speaks painfully] Okay, okay! Just make it stop!
Finn: We gotta confront them head on!
[The fears retreat back into the vault. Inside, it goes dark again. A pair of blue round lights rotates and disappear; next, a silhouette of a trapped Finn with Grass Demon briefly appears; and finally, the eyes of the Grass Demon glow. Finn and Fern gasp.]
Finn: Fern. This is why I brought us here. We can defeat him together.
[Fern nods and they both jump into the vault.]
Princess Bubblegum's voice [In Finn's head]: No fear.
[Finn opens his eyes, seeing the Past Finn, in coma, suspended in the air by the web created by Grass Demon, which is now seizing him. Finn climbs up, pulling off the Grass Demon by force and falling to the ground.]
Finn: So you're the nasty grass wad that's been holding my Finn boy hostage.
Grass Demon: Without me, he's got no body. So back off. [aims his rear at Finn]
Finn: You sicken me.
[Grass Demon shakes his tentacles, trying to escape, but he is held by Finn and then pierced by Past Finn with a chair. Two Finns high-five. Grass Demon dies and the whole grassy realm decomposes.]
[The singing poodle flies in the sky, holding a snake in the mouth and turning back his true form: the Cosmic Owl. Finn and Past Finn, who is without a shirt, are sitting on a small island]
Past Finn: I'm me again. It feels like it's been years.
[A small whale emerges, spit out mini Princess Bubblegum and Gumbald. Princess Bubblegum touches Past Finn's finger, but his finger start to slowly disintegrate. She gasps.]
Past Finn: He was right. I've got no body.
Jake: Ah, don't worry. It's just a dream!
[Back to the reality, it turns out the whole nightmare takes place within seconds.]
Lumpy Space Princess: [Screams] They're dead! They're surely dead! [They all wake up, and the Green Knight turns back to Fern for real.] Never mind! They're okay!
Finn: Fern! You really are disintegrating!
Jake: My bad.
Gumbald: Bonnie, I...
Princess Bubblegum: I'm so sorry for what I put you through for all those centuries. The Candy Kingdom was your dream, and I took it from you.
Gumbald: Bonnie, that means so much to me. Come. From now on, we'll live in peace. [He walks forward but is tripped by Lolly. The flask of Dum Dum Juice breaks, and as he takes it out, it shatters in his face.] Drat.
Princess Bubblegum: WHAT?!
[Gumbald reverts back to the Punch Bowl again, laughing stupidly and running away.]
Lolly: He never was the epiphany type. But I am willing to let bygones be bygones.
Princess Bubblegum: Very well. Two Candy Kingdoms, it is!
People from Both Sides: Hurray!
BMO [narrating]: And so, in the end, they decided not to have the big fight.
Beth: Oh! So you meant, like, the end of the war. I thought you meant like the end of the world.
BMO: No, no, no. That happened next.
Lumpy Space Princess: So I guess everyone's just going home, huh?
Jake: Yep.
[A hole appears in sky, throwing King Man, in flames, to the ground.]
King Man: We donked up for real. [faints]
[Everyone looks up and the hole enlarges. GOLB emerges and slowly descends.]


Finn: Jake... what am I lookin' at?
Jake: Uh... we saved the day. So, maybe that big baby's here to give us presents for doing a good job?
[Dark clouds cover up the sky of Land of Ooo.]
Fern: Okay, I'm not an expert, but this seems bad.
Flame Princess: You ain't kiddin', shrubs.
Lumpy Space Princess: Oh - no - ! [takes a GOLB selfie]
Marceline: Bonnie! What did you do?!
Princess Bubblegum: It wasn't me!
Ice King: [To Bandit Princess] It's been real cool being in this rogue's gallery with you. Me and Gunter were gonna go, uh... [sees GOLB] Oh... my... [flashback to Simon reading a page about GOLB in the Enchiridion] GOLB!
Simon Petrikov: Look, Betty. I keep seeing reference to this mysterious entity that embodies chaos.
Betty Grof: That's great! Come on, let's make sundaes.
Simon: GOLB would say ice cream is without meaning. Just empty calories devoid of purpose.
Betty: Good thing he isn't here then.
Simon: [Pours chocolate syrup on his sundae] His presence is felt in every crevice where chaos lurks. Imagine if we could somehow harness all that dank energy...!
Betty: Hey! You want some cherries with that chocolate syrup?
Simon: [Now there is too much chocolate syrup on the sundae] Oh! [Chuckles] Sure.
Betty: Catch! [Throws the jar to Simon.]
[Simon and Betty are on a rushing ambulance.]
Simon: Have you thought about using sliced almonds for the sundaes? [Flashback ends]
Ice King: [Shakes his head] ...I don't know who that is!
[GOLB growls in a silent, deep voice. His mouth creates some glowing spiritual tentacles, which capture some Cake people to forge a screeching blue demon.]
Lolly: Don't let it touch you!
[The demon captures some more Cake people with his tongue.]
Candy Person: No, I'm a loner!
Marceline: Peebs, this is the worst thing ever! If somebody doesn't stop this, it could be the end of Ooo!
[GOLB inhales.]
Princess Bubblegum: You're right, Marceline. I gotta do something! [runs and steps on a nearby rock] Banana guards!
Banana Guard: Uh, no.
Princess Bubblegum: Obey my command! Flee for your lives! If you fight, the demon will just add you to its mass!
Banana Guard: Can we flee in a panic?
Princess Bubblegum: Yes!
[All the Banana Guards run away in disorder, screaming.]
Finn: FYI, Princess, I'm not going anywhere!
Jake: [Comes out under Finn's hat] I'm also staying.
Princess Bubblegum: Thanks, guys.
Marceline: I'm in, too. This is a war I have to fight. We all have to.
Fern: Me too! I'll defend Ooo down to my last blade. [Summons the Grass Sword]
Princess Bubblegum: Gumball guardians!
Gumball Guardians: Yes, mom?
Princess Bubblegum: Stop that monster!
Gumball Guardians: Okay. [Stride forward and keep the demon from getting closer] Containing enemy! [The demon's chest break and some gooey content comes out.] Gross.
Lolly: [To The Cake] Cake, pick me up! [enters the head of The Cake] My friends! It is time to set aside past differences! We must join the fight! [But the Gumbaldian troops run away in horror.] Hmm! Forwards! [Zaps the monster with laser.]
Finn: Normal Man! Come on, wake up!
King Man: [Wakes up and gasps; looks around] Is that Ice King?
Finn: How do we stop these guys? [King Man just runs straight to Ice King.] Come on, Jake.
Jake: [Turns into a horse for Finn to ride] H-H-H-Horse!
Gumball Guardian #1: Ugh! My balance!
Jake: War is the worst, dude!
[Right after Jake runs away, a Gumball Guardian falls backwards and his head cracks, but still able to kick the demon away from him.]
Gumball Guardian #1: [Groans] Sorry, mom... [His head finally breaks.]
Princess Bubblegum: My guardian!
King Man: Ice King! Ice King!
Ice King: What's up?
Jake: [Finn and Jake join them.] Ho-ho-ho.
Finn: How do I stop this! [Shoved away by King Man] What?
King Man: You are the only one who can stop this! Betty's up there, trying to harness the power of GOLB! We have to snap her out of that trance and banish GOLB, or we're all doomed! If anyone can do it, it's you.
Ice King: Sounds great! Im'a save the world! [Flies up with King Man, Finn and Jake.]
Gumball Guardian #2: [Presses down the demon to the ground with The Cake] Enemy threat restrained.
Princess Bubblegum: They got him!
Gumball Guardian #2: [Distracted] Awaiting orders. [Attacked by the monster; starts to glow because of the infection] Help me, mom. I'm turning nasty...
[The Gumball Guardian is turning into another GOLB's demon.]
Banana Guards: Princess, we came back to help! [Captured by the Gumball Guardian] Eee! Help us, princess!
Princess Bubblegum: Ugh! [Blasts candies to him]
[The Gumball Guardian creates a flock of monstrous birds, which starts to chase Ice King.]
Ice King: Evil penguins!
Jake: Don't worry, guys! [Jumps off]
Finn: Jake!
Jake: I believe in you, Ice King! [Contains the birds with his body but soon overwhelmed] Aah! I didn't think this through!... [Jake pops and the birds fly away.]
Lumpy Space Princess: So this is it. [To Lemongrab] Oh tender lad! I give you the parting gift of my lips.
Lemongrab: I find your proposal... [Groans] ...ACCEPTABLE!
[They kiss, and then Lumpy Space Princess' face shrinks backwards. Lemongrab screams]
Lumpy Space Princess: You're welcome.
Finn: Betty! You have to stop this!
King Man: Go ahead. Talk to her, IK.
Ice King: Who? [Sees Magic Betty] Oh, it's weird lady! Hey, lady. ...I'm diggin' your primitive dance style!
King Man: No! You're supposed to stop her, not encourage her! You gotta dig deep inside and find those magical words to shake her outta that trance! Get personal and emotional!
Ice King: Personal? Emotional? Oh! Just like a fan-fic!
King Man: No!...
[Ice King starts to recite the verses of "Oh, Fionna", eventually allowing himself to enter Betty's Imagination Zone as Simon.]
Ice King: "I feel like nothing was real until I met you. I feel like we connect. And I really get you. If I said 'You're a beautiful girl, [echoing, now as Simon] would it upset you? The way you look tonight, silhouetted, I'll never forget it."
Betty: Simon...
Ice King: ♪ Oh, oh, [singing in a crackling voice; back to the reality] Fionna!... Your fist has touched my heart... ♪
Betty: What... You're trying to stop me!? [Pushes Ice King away] When I'm this close to harnessing the most powerful force in the universe and finally saving you!?
Ice King: Yeah, I guess. ...Right, Finn?
[Angered, Betty inhales and lets out a long, enraged scream out of annoyance. Her extreme temper flows to Maja through some glowing wires; Maja wakes up and gasps.]
Betty: [Frigntened] Emotional super-charge! [Stands before Ice King]
Betty: Finally! My time - [Explodes]
[The explosion blasts Ice King and Betty right into the mouth of GOLB, which takes them in with its tongue.]
Ice King: Ice King!
[Finn jumps on the carpet and follows them in. Just then, GOLB's mouth shuts and its teeth cut off Finn's bionic arm, which falls to the ground.]
Flame Princess: [Attacks the Gumball Guardian with flames] Burn, burn, burn! PB, get me some backup! Ugh! [Slapped away; screams and thrown to a cliff] Ugh!
Princess Bubblegum: It's headed this way!
Fern: I'll take down this beast! Fern's way! [Attacks the demon with a giant spiky arm, but then smashed away by it.]
Princess Bubblegum: [Screams] Fern! [Tries to resist the demon by blasting candies] No, no, no, no, no! NO!!! [Crushed]
Marceline: Bonnie!
[Marceline hisses and transforms into a dark, cloudy vampire monster, roaring. While Princess Bubblegum is actually shielded, Marceline smashes the demon into pieces.]
Cake Person [shattered]: Thanks.
Princess Bubblegum: Marcy?...
Marceline: [Stops panting] You're okay!
Princess Bubblegum: My armor has an emergency - [hugged by Marceline]
Marceline: You scared me.
Princess Bubblegum: What?
Marceline: Even back when we weren't talking, I was so afraid something bad would happen to you, and I wouldn't be there to protect you. And... [inhales] I don't want to lose you again.
Princess Bubblegum: Hey, I'm a tough gum. Nothing never happening to me, never.
Marceline: I know, I... Girl, you phrased that so weird.
Princess Bubblegum: I might have a concussion.
[Marceline chuckles and they kiss each other.]
Cake Person [shattered]: Uh-oh. [The demon starts to regenerate itself.]
[Finn, Ice King, and Betty are in a red, cuboid room inside GOLB as they wake up.]
Ice King: Owie!
[The rubies on Ice King's crown fade.]
Betty: Simon, your crown!
Ice King: What... [glitches as he loses the characteristics of Ice King] ...happened, lady? [glitches continue]
Betty: Don't panic, but I think Golb is digesting us. [glitches] Breaking us apart, layer by layer, [glitches again, and becomes a normal Betty] ...down to our essential forms.
[The room start to compress inward; Finn, Ice King and Betty yelp.]
Finn: I'll get us outta here. [Knocks the wall]
Ice King: [Transformed back to Simon] Betty...?
Betty: [Sheds tears] It's good to see you, Simon.
Simon: It's good to be seen. [Kisses Betty]
Finn: Hey, Ice Simon! Use the crown before we're totally crushed!
[Simon tries to yield ice magic but nothing happens.]
Simon: It's not working! Yah! [throws the crown to the ground] Finn, it's hopeless. You can't punch your way out of his guts.
[Outside, the Gumball Guardian snaps the head of The Cake and roars. Everyone else are exhausted by the battle. And GOLB's monster march away from the battlefield]
Jake: [Stretches; follows them] Okay, Jake. You can do this! You can stop 'em solo! [Turning into a blue form] They'll be talking about this fight for years! And by "they," I mean BMO and Shelby. [punches and tangles the demon] Finn! This is for you!
[Jake is soon smashed to the ground by the Gumball Guardian. He gets up, struggling in pain.]
BMO: What's all the ruckus out there? Oh. It's up to BMO to save the -
[The Tree Fort is punched by the demon, collapsing. Jake stares this, gasping in a complete horror.]

Act IV

[The monsters leave. Jake reaches the ruins, looking around with choked gasps, and then he shrinks himself on a broken clock.]
Jake: Okay, bud. There's no reason to freak out just because the tree house is [despairing] GONE...! [Pants] Ah! BMO...? Ah no, man! Your little face! [Shushed and picked up by BMO]
BMO: It's okay, Jake. You always try to protect me and Finn. But sometimes we are going to get hurt. How about today, you let me be the papa?
[BMO sings Time Adventure.]
BMO: ♪ "Time is an illusion that helps things make sense, so we are always living in the present tense. It seems unforgiving when a good thing ends, but you and I will always be back then. You and I will always be back then. Singing will happen, happening, happened; will happen, happening, happened. And we'll happen again and again, 'cause you and I will always be back then - "
[The demon tries to reach BMO but is rejected. It screeches]
BMO: [con'd] "... you and I will always be back then." ♪
[The demon tries again but same thing happens.]
Princess Bubblegum: Whoa. What's up with him?
BMO: [To demon] You better hush up while my baby boy is sleeping!
Princess Bubblegum: Keep singing!
BMO: Okay! [singing] ♪ "Will happen, [Princess Bubblegum and Marceline sing along] happening, happened. Will happen, happening, happened. And we'll happen again and again, 'cause you and I will always be back then." ♪
Marceline: Oh man! He hates music!
Princess Bubblegum: Ugh, duh! GOLB is discord. It's the harmony! Harmony hurts them!
BMO: My art is a weapon!
Princess Bubblegum: [Announcing from the sky] Everyone! I need you all to harmonize along with BMO!
BMO: I wrote this for my son, Jake!
[People join the sing-along one by one, paralyzing GOLB's monsters. Jake turns into a megaphone, creating a hole from GOLB's chest.]
Marceline: I don't know if we can kill Golb with music, PB!
[Inside GOLB, Finn is still trying to smash the room open with the crown, screaming, but soon he tires himself out.]
Finn: [Pants] I always figured I'd go out saving somebody.
Simon: Hey, no one gets to choose how it happens. The most important thing is that we're here together.
Finn: [Pants] Shh, shh! Do you hear that? It sounds like Jake. [Looking through a small hole] Oh-ho, it is Jake! Look, we can leave this way!
Simon: Betty, we're saved!
Betty: Go, there's something I have to do first.
Simon: What!?
Betty: I figured out what's wrong with the crown. It reset, just like us. It's in its primal wishing form now.
Simon: Who cares! Leave it!
Betty: This world will end unless GOLB is banished. So I'm gonna make... the wish.
Finn: Guys, it's clenching!
Simon: We'll make the wish after we escape!
Betty: I have to do it here. The crown could revert once we leave. I gamed it out.
Simon: But I can't... [kissed by Betty]
Betty: I'm sorry for messing everything up. [shoves Simon and Finn into the hole.]
Simon: Wait! Betty? Betty! [echoing]
[Betty puts on the crown nervously.]
Betty: I wish to banish GOLB from this world.
[There's a noise and the room shakes, but nothing else happens. The room keeps compressing.]
Betty: Uh-oh, um... I wish for GOLB to disappear, I wish for GOLB to disappear!
[The wish fails again.]
Betty: No! He's too strong! Even for the crown. [heavily breathes; calms down] However it has to happen. ...I wish for the power to keep Simon safe.
[Outside the shrinking hole, Marceline and Jake are waiting.]
Marceline: Slide faster, you ding-dongs! [Brings Simon down gently] Simon!
[The ground shakes. The Gumball Guardian stops chasing Duke of Nuts, Cinnamon Bun and Lolly. Suddenly a strong blast of energy comes out from GOLB, blurring the scenery around, and the monstrous Gumball Guardian is wiped out from existence.]
Shelby: Hmm, check, plea- [overwhelmed by the blast]
Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant: We heard there was a war- [the demon before them is gone.]
Finn: She did it! Yeah, Betty! Whoo!
[GOLB itself is having a drastic change too.]
King Man: What has she done?...
[GOLB is growing longer limbs, end up having a striking resemblance with Magic Betty - "Golbetty" is formed. It looks down, levitating.]
Slime Princess: Well, great! I don't like this guy either!
Simon: No... Betty? Betty! [runs forward] Betty! Oh my, my Betty, my princess, why did you... [sobs on knees]
Marceline: You're back. It's what she wanted more than anything in the world.
[GOLB looks up and rises into the portal, leaving Land of Ooo. As the portal closes, the Ice King's crown drops and bounces toward Gunter, who puts it own.]
Gunter: Wenk.
Jake: Jump him! He's gonna wish to be all space villain!
Neptr: What?
Jake: He's a big evil alien stuck in a penguin!
Neptr: Oh!... I see.
[Gunter suddenly honks in weird noises as she merges with the crown. A new creature is formed - the Ice Thing.]
Ice Thing: ... la-ba-droo-la-da-boo! Say, where's Gunter, my beautiful child that I love?
Jake: Oh, never mind, I think he just wished to be Ice King?
[Ice Thing plays drums.]
Jake: And for some drums, I guess? Yeah, this is fine.
Finn: Whew.
Fern: [Grabs Finn's leg] Hey, Finn... I'm not doing so good.
Finn: Oh, no.
Fern: Yeah... [takes off his hat, revealing his hair] I just wish I could see the treehouse one more time.
Finn: Yeah dude, of course! Let's go there right now.
Fern: That's okay... Just promise to plant me there.
[Fern's grassy remains are blown away by a gust of wind, and Finn cries. In Finn's hand, there's a small Finnseed, resembling the Finn Sword.]
[Later, Finn and Jake kneels to the ground near the ruins of Tree Fort.]
Jake: You feel ready?
[Finn buries the Finnseed, which quickly grows into a young willow tree.
Jake: Whoa.
[There's a new Finn Sword embedded in trunk.]
Princess Bubblegum: Hey, Finn.
Finn: [Shrieks like a girl; stops soon] Excuse me. Hi, PB.
Princess Bubblegum: I just wanted to come say... thank you for disobeying my orders this morning. I'll see you tomorrow, okay? [kisses Finn]
Finn: See you tomorrow.
Princess Bubblegum: You're getting tall. Good night!
Jake: Night, PB!
[The story ends.]
BMO: That's the end.
Shermy: I thought this story was about the end of Ooo.
BMO: ... Pretty much.
Shermy: But what happened to Phil and Jake after that?
Beth: Or Princess Bubblegum?
BMO: Eh, y'know. They kept living their lives. Thank you for visiting the King of Ooo, goodbye.
Beth: The king was very polite for a king, don't you think?
Shermy: I wish we could find that little Fern tree, see if that story is true.
Beth: The tree would be a big tree now. It's, like, a thousand years old.
Shermy: Oh, a big tree... Hey! I know where that tree is! C'mon, Beth!
[Cuts to a sky of present Land of Ooo.]
Finn: I came pretty close to biting it back there. I never would have gotten out of there without your singing. It's amazing how strong that song was.
Jake: Music is powerful, man. It speaks to a primal pit in our brains. It makes anyone wanna get up and get their knees goin', gotta get 'em pumpin' pumpin' pumpin'. Boompa-boompa-boom.
Finn: [Chuckles] What do you think, Music Hole?
Music Hole: Jake's right. A good song can really wrap people up in a mood, better than any words alone could. Actually, I've been working on a new song myself. It's about a really specific feeling that's hard to describe. Would you like to hear it?
Jake: Sure!
Finn: Yeah!
[The Music Hole clears her voice, and the Ending Theme is played. Meanwhile, for numerous characters throughout the series, the aftermath of the war is also displayed with the music.]
[Cuts back to the future Fern tree. Shermy and Beth reach the treetop.]
Shermy: Check it out, dude.
Beth: Very pretty.
[Shermy grunts as he trying to pull out the Finn Sword, it doesn't move until Beth helps Shermy. Shermy appreciates the sword in awe.]
Beth: Lift that sword, Shermy.
Shermy: [He does so.] Oh, yeah!
[The Finn Sword shines under sunlight, thus concluding the series.]
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