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Colonel Candy Corn is a character who first appeared and played a minor role in the episode "Mystery Train." Mr. Candy Cane keeps bumping into him and a furious Colonel Candy Corn threatens to kill him. He was one of the victims that was supposedly murdered, but it turned out to be part of the prank on Finn. In "Something Big," he says he's lonely and would like a younger woman with an old soul to date. In the episode "Jake The Brick", he is seen in his house.


Colonel Candy Corn's body is like a conjoined piece of candy corn. A large piece turned upside down is his body, and at the edge of that facing upwards is the candy corn that is his face. He has a gray, hairy mustache, as well as hair at the side of his head indicating he is bald. He is a bit bumpy and wears a medal. He also walks with a cane.

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Oh ho ho... That's alright. Just don't let it happen again.

I'm gonna kill you!

No, no! It wasn't me! I swear!

Just one, and his or her name is...

War. War. War. War! War! War!


  • His first appearance is the second time that the candy people are shown to have (or have had) a military position. The first time was the visit to the candy armory in "Susan Strong."
  • In "Something Big," Princess Bubblegum puts him back on duty to defend the kingdom. Since then, he's been seen replacing Root Beer Guy's position as the captain of the Banana Guards, as seen in "Nemesis."
  • His full title may be a pun on "colonel," a military rank and "kernel," due the fact that he is a candy corn.
  • Tree Trunks refers to him as "Lieutenant" in "Joshua and Margaret Investigations," as the episode would have been set in a time before he became a colonel.
  • In “Gumbaldia,” he says he wants to take part in another war before kicking the bucket.


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