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Cole is a character that appears in the episode "BMO".


Cole is rather stoic and brave compared to the soldiers in his army, albeit stubborn at times.


Shell Army[]

His relations with the other Shells isn't exactly clear, as they're aren't explored in further detail. From what little information we have, he treats his army almost as a friend group, as he is seen playing is playing a game of cards with the other Shells.


Similarly to the Gray Elves and the other Shells, Cole sees BMO as a sort of "antagonistic force" of sorts. After all, BMO was responsible for destroying the Transmogger and damaging a wall in the Desert Pod. This perspective likely changed.

Gray Elves and Shafter[]

Cole saw the Gray Elves almost as enemies, although he did sell the Transmogger to Shafter. However, he said he forgot about selling the item, and "therefore didn't remember doing it."

Despite being enemies, Cole was willing to ally with the Gray Elves to likely bring BMO to Mr. M.


  • Cole is the only character to be named after their voice actor.