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Coconteppi is a character appearing in "Wizard City", serving as the episode's overarching antagonist. He is an ancient Primordial Monster that existed on Earth many years ago.

Coconteppi was eventually reincarnated after Pepper Mint drank his ichor, causing him to become Pepperminteppi. He was eventually defeated, although a small trace of Coconteppi appears to still remain in Choose Goose, who was originally believed to be deceased after drinking some ichor diluted by water.


Coconteppi was once a powerful Primordial Monster that came into existence before the beginning of time and space. He was revealed in the episode "Gold Stars", where he is seen amongst many of his fellow monsters during a flashback. Millions of years before the series began, he came to Earth and died for an unknown reason. All that remains of his original body is his partial skeleton and his heart. After his death, his remains (specifically his heart) were hidden away by the Usurpers of Wizard City.

In the Distant Lands episode "Wizard City", a cult lead by Dr. Caledonius sought to bring him back using the Chalice of Coconteppi. Drinking it would allow any person to become the next incarnate of Coconteppi, the reason for this being that the fluid inside of the chalice was Coconteppi's blood. After Coconteppi was successfully reincarnated by Peppermint, Dr. Caledonius pleaded for him to usher in the Second Reign of Terror. After she did so, he immediately began to kill all of the other wizards in the room using his powers. Cadebra eventually got Pepperminteppi to remember who he was, which lead Dr. Caledonius to restrain the beast using its old hearts veins. Pepperminteppi then lowered the heart closer to her, causing its juice to fall into her mouth, thus causing her head to explode. The heart then fell, and Pepperminteppi changed into his second more-powerful form. He and Cadebra then began to battle each other, Cadebra eventually punching him in the stomach, causing the liquid from Cocoteppi's heart to come out. This returned Peppermint back to normal.

At the very end of the episode, Choose Goose is revealed to still have some of Coconteppi's essence inside of him.



Coconteppi concept art

Coconteppi's original appearance appeared to resemble a giant, hairy, yellow humanoid with no arms. In the center of his face he possesses two pairs of eyes.

After becoming Pepperminteppi, his first form appeared to be Peppermint with a large humanoid body. In his second form, he became hairy, slightly larger, and more muscular. He also grew two more arms, a v-flap-like tale, and a bow under his still peppermint head.

Powers and Abilities[]

Coconteppi possesses a tremendous amount of unknown power. One of the best examples of this is his ability to contain his spiritual essence inside of a liquid after death, which is contained inside of a heart that was able to be preserved for thousands of years. This essence would allow anyone worthy who drank it to become his next incarnate, those unworthy exploding into purple liquid.

Other powers that he demonstrated in the episode included his durability against other magic, his ability to preform spells that could cause other beings to evaporate into nothingness, screaming energy frequencies that caused others to evaporate into nothingness, deflecting other users magic, and being able to fire back magic spells with greater force than it was originally cased with.


Coconteppi is not all-powerful, as demonstrated after having died millions of years before the shows story began. One of his most notable weaknesses is that Coconteppi takes possession of host bodies before the liquid that his essence exists in is processed, meaning that if it is knocked out of the host body, then he will loose it.




  • Coconteppi is the second known Cosmic Monster to have existed on earth, with the first being Orgalorg.
  • Coconteppi is the original source of much (if not all) of the magic on Adventure Time.