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The Clown Nurses are characters that appear in the episode "Another Way." Jake hired them after he and Finn broke their toes jumping off of birds. Since they were paid upfront, they wouldn't leave until their job was done. They believed that they could heal Finn and Jake's toes by kissing them, much to Finn's dismay and Jake's delight. They act like clowns; they can be seen floating from balloons, riding a unicycle, blowing bubbles (by farting), and juggling. Jake says "they're funny!" They traumatize Finn with the idea of there only being "one way" to do things


The Clown Nurses are all covered in traditional clown makeup and body paint, and wear nurses hats with little hearts on them. Their clothing comes in a variety of fashions, but most wear collared shirts or tutus.

Notable Clown Nurses


Official art