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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the episode.

Cloudy is a character that appeared in the titular episode. Cloudy first appears to be a mysterious door floating on a cloud. Later on, Jake proceeds to open it, revealing to have a toilet behind it . He then proceeds to walk onto the cloud and close the door behind him. It is then revealed that the cloud has a face and a long tongue in which it used to wrap around Jake and attempt to eat him. Finn convinces him not to by giving him the smell of Ice King and convincing him to find the Ice King instead. Once they arrive, it is revealed that he only craved the smell of the jacket.


At first, Cloudy appears to be a cloud with a brown door and a toilet. Once Jake proceeded to use the toilet, however, it is revealed that he had a face. This face consisted of a large, hairy nose, a pair of eyes, and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Within his mouth contained a tongue that was conveniently long enough to reach behind his back to grab his prey.


When they were first formally introduced, Cloudy appeared to demonstrate traits comparable to that of a dog. After they arrive back at the Cloud Kingdom after searching for the Ice King's scent, he licked the Ice King and proceeded to give a well worded review of how he felt he tasted, revealing that he is smarter then he first appeared.


  • Finn described him as 'some sort of angler lard.'
  • Finn's description of the creature and it's tactic of capturing prey is in reference to the infamous "Angler Fish," a type of fish that can be found in the real world. Like the Angler Fish, Cloudy displays something pleasing to it's prey, and once it falls for the bait, he captures them.
  • It is unknown if all Angler Lards possess a toilet behind a door, or if that feature is unique only to Cloudy.
  • He and the Grass Lard are the only Lards confirmed to be able to talk.