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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Cloudy" from season 9, which aired on April 25, 2017.

Cloud Kingdom
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Whoa, neat‐o.

How do you make it bigger?

My magic skillsare seriously drained.

Right now all I can dois activate these thumbnails.

Come on, guys.Come on, guys.

Let's work the problem.

Let's fix Ooo.

Come on, guys.

I know I'm saying"Come on, guys" a lot.

Sorry.It's okay.


Hey, if you need help turningthe pages, I'm your guy.

I do this thingwhere I lick my finger,

and then the moisture helps gripthe corner of the page.

I wonder ifthe Enchiridion's been licked

by, like,thousands of wizards?

I know howto turn pages, man.

I wasa graduate student!

"Graduate student"?What the heck is that?

You graduated,but you're still a student?

Doesn'tmake any sense.

Where's the dog?

Can the dogdo something about this?

Okay, I'm a‐comin'.

You're wired, buddy.

We've been going likegangbusters since we got back.

[ Lullaby plays ]

I don't got no timefor this nonsense!

Shh, shh, shh.

What are you doing?Are you swaddling me?

I'd hardly call thisswaddling.

I'm just tucking you in.

This feels nice.Nice tucking, brother.

40 winksnever hurt anybody.

[ Yawns ]

Yeah, a dozen top‐‐

[ Snores ]

Wait! That symbol,I've seen it before.

Oh, that's great!

I'm proud of you, buddy.

[ Gunter squawks ]

No, not you.I said "buddy" not "Gunty."

Jake was right.I feel great.

Hey Jake, you were ‐‐ holy!

Jake, wake up!

Where's the restof the Cloud Kingdom?

Huh?Where's Simon and Betty?

I guess we must'vebroken off and floated away


Why'd you let mego to sleep?

Look what happenswhen you go to sleep!

How're we gonnaget down from here?! How?!

I can stretch us down.

Oh. Yeah.

[ Legs stretching ]

[ Wind whistling ]


What the jibbs, dude?I can't even see the ground.


Hey, let's glide down!


[ Laughter ]

I love gliding!Yeah, Jake, yeah!

[ Laughs ] Whoo‐hoo!

Oh, geez.I got to go back for a sec.

What? We just started.

Got to go back!

What is it?

Tell me what's wrong.


Jake, why can't you justgo while you're gliding?

We're on a clock here.

Hey! Turn around.

I can't go with youlooking at me.

I'm sorry.

I can't gowhen I'm gliding.

Feels weird.

Just be quick, man.Ooo needs us.

What is that?What?

It's another little cloud,but this one has a small door.

Cloud witha small door, Jake!

Dude,face the other way!

Dude, it's getting away.

Aw, it's hopeless.

I got to wait untilI can go again.

Just have to stopthinking about it.

Okay, come on, Jake.You can do it.

Come on, Jake.Just stop thinking about it.

Come on, Jake.Come on, Jake.

Listen, I don't even thinkgliding is a good plan.

We should sit tight,chill out,

and wait for Ice Kingand Betty to look for us.

You know what you need?


A haircut?

A haircut.


Come on, man. We haven'tdone this since we were kids.

Yeah, but I bet it works.

I bet it calms youthe jibbs down.


All right.

[ Giggles ]

Yes, sir, I surelike cutting hair.

[ Groans ]Mr. Mertens?

I know I'm justa humble scissors jockey,

but you've been coming inmy shop for almost 20 years.

I can tell when you gotsomething on your mind.

[ Sighs ]

I think ‐‐

I think what'sbugging me is...

[ Voice over ] The haircuttherapy is working.

...all thiselemental stuff happened

because I acted selfishly.

Oh, yeah?

It's like I'memployee of the month

at an ice cream store, and I getsomeone to cover my shift,

and when I come back, the placeis burned to the ground

and everyone I loveis doomed.

And now we're up here, and wecan't do anything to help.

Did I secretly wantthat to happen?

Like, deep down inside,was I afraid Fern

would be better than me?

And my lizard brainput out bad vibes?

I guess the worst partof all is...

All right, you're all done,Mr. Mertens.

How's it look?

Jake! I was talkingabout important stuff.

Sorry. I always getcaught up in the haircut.


Enough calm!

What are you doing?

I'm doing something...

for Ooo!

Nothing we do willhelp Ooo right now.

Don't you get it?I'm worried, too.

I've been trying todistract you from all this,

but that doesn't mean I'm happywith the way things are going.


Look at all this beautifulblue around us.

It's pretty, right?

But you knowwhat I've been thinking?

What if we're dead?

I didn't say it becauseI didn't want to worry you.

I'm the big brother, so I'msupposed to keep it together.

And, okay, sayI'm wrong about being dead.

Here's the best case scenario ‐‐my kids are candy zombies.

And Lady is made out oftaffy or something!

[ Sighs ] I've gotso many things

to worry aboutyou don't even know.

I try to keep my worries hidden,but where does that send them?

To my kidneys?

That can't be good.

Snip, snip.

Being stuck on a cloudisn't so bad.

It's weird, but we've gotten outof weirder situations, right?

Right.Do you want the back tapered?

No, no thanks.

Fade?No fade.

I feel a lot betternow, thanks.

That'll be $6.50.

Here's 7 bucks.

You're too generous.Here, take it, young man.

‐No, sir, please.‐I'll put it in your backpack.

Please, sir,I have my dignity.

[ Both laughing ]

Well, whatever happensin the future,

I know what we should do.


Open a barber shop.

I could get into that.

Maybe when I'm 35.

It happens soonerthan you think.

♪ Time passes likea little cloud, my friend ♪

♪ But don't be cowed,my friend ♪

♪ Just stay positive ♪

That's the thing, right?Right!

♪ I'll try to remembernot to be sucky‐like ♪

♪ But I'll be more plucky,like the birdies who sing ♪

♪ Tra‐la ♪

♪ Cheep, cheep, cheep,cheep, cheep, cheep ♪

♪ Tra‐laaa ♪

♪ Cheep, cheep, cheep,cheep, cheep, cheep ♪

♪ Tra‐laaaa ♪

♪ Cheep, cheep, cheep,cheep, cheep, cheep ♪

♪ Tra‐laaaa ♪

Hey, there'sthat cloud again.

Hey, what's behindthat door, huh?

It's what everybody'sbeen wondering.

Yeah, maybe it'sour way out of here.

What's behindthe door?


a cloud restroom.

If you'll excuse mefor a minute.

Don't look.

There's a door.

I don't care!Don't look in this direction!

It makes me feel like you canhear my most private business.

[ Urinating ]

[ Growls ]

Hey, Jake!It's not a toilet.

It's some kind of angler lard!

I don't care what it is,I got to go.

Wah! What the...?

Hey, lard! Lard!

Go away!

Hold on, Jake.

It's Super Bespoke Jacket Guy!

Since when is it such a hasslejust to take a whiz?!

Hey, lard, do you mindif I call you Cloudy?

Hey, Cloudy, what do you wantto eat a smelly old dog for?


Get a whiff of this.

[ Inhales deeply ]You like that?

This is a bespokeIce King jacket.

You got hisancient man scent?

[ Snorts ]

Go get him, boy!

Find the Ice King!

Are you beingdigested in there?

Just a little.


'Scuse me.Ouch!

Thanks for notdigesting me.

You know, the way I see it,all this elemental stuff

would have happenedno matter what.

We're actually luckywe were out of town.

Nothing happened to us, so nowwe have a chance to fix it.

Thanks, Jake,that's kind of comforting.

I thought of itin the bathroom.

Hey, guys!Guess who's back.

Hmm, did you guysleave or something?

[ Chuckles ]It's always good to see my bros.


This is our new friendCloudy.

He really wantedto meet you.

How did you like yourfirst taste of Ice King?

It wasn't that great.

The dog was bettertasting, actually.

Although a little mangy.

A food critic.

Maybe this is whatyou want, Cloudy!

Go get it!


Dog. Dog. Dog.

Oh, there you are.

I made a real breakthrough.

I think I've figured out

exactly what we need to doto repair Ooo.

We can use the Enchiridion

to create an elementalcounter‐spell.

First, we just need to retrievethe three royal jewels

from the crowns ofthe elemental princesses.


That's great!

Finally a legit plan.

Thanks for making mechill, Jake.

That really helped me out.

Hey, did you guysget haircuts?

Without me?