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"Cloudy" is the fourth part of the Adventure Time miniseries Elements and is the fifth episode in the ninth season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred and fifty-seventh episode overall.


Finn and Jake must escape exile in an endless sky before they can restore Ooo.[1]


The episode begins in the Cloud Kingdom with Betty and Ice King inspecting the Farmworld Enchiridion. Finn appears quite anxious and pesters Betty in his attempt to help the situation. Per Betty's request, Jake brings Finn to the edge of the cloud and tucks him into a cloud bed with Ice King's suit jacket as well as sticks Finn's sword into the clouds near them. Jake creates a bed for himself and joins Finn in a nap. Finn's sword causes the cloud to separate and Finn and Jake drift away from the distracted Ice King and Betty.

Later, Finn awakens from his nap and realizes they have drifted far away from the Cloud Kingdom. He urges Jake to wake up and anxiously tries to think of a strategy to escape their plight. Jake attempts to stretch down to the ground, but the wind is too strong, so he decides to glide down. Finn rides Jake down in glee, but soon after, Jake swerves back to the lone cloud so he can urinate because he "can't go while [he's] gliding. Feels weird." As Jake is trying to urinate, Finn sees a cloud with a door floating by. The door floats away and Jake is unable to pee because he can't stop thinking about, so kneels down on the cloud. Finn anxiously urges Jake to stop thinking about it and Jake tries to comfort him, eventually recommending a haircut for Finn.

Jake uses Ice King's suit jacket as a barber gown and forms his hands into a scissor and comb. He then implores Finn to speak his mind as he pretends to cut his hair. Finn states his feelings on believing himself to be responsible for Ooo becoming the elemental state that it currently is. He is concerned that he was acting selfish in his actions, but before Finn is able to fully disclose his feelings, Jake interrupts to end the haircut therapy because he became "too caught up in the haircut." In Finn's irritated state, he jumps off the cloud in an effort to do something to escape the cloud. Jake grabs him and pulls him back up. Jake then expresses his problems in trying to keep calm to distract Finn from all the problems. As he expresses his worries, Finn begins haircut therapy on him, which calms Jake. Finn and Jake act out a customer imploring his barber to take a tip and eventually lay down on the cloud to rest. They appear content and discuss the future. Jake then begins to sing and Finn joins in.

The cloud with the door reappears, so Jake stretches his arm across to open it, which reveals the door to have a toilet behind it. Jake then goes over to use the toilet and tells Finn to look away. Finn complies with Jake's request, but then looks back to discover the cloud is actually "some kinda angler lard." The lard's tongue wraps around Jake and brings him into its mouth. Finn grabs Ice King's jacket and floats over to the lard. Finn calls the lard, Cloudy and entices it to find Ice King based on the scent of the jacket. Jake crawls out from the Cloudy's mouth and rides him with Finn back to the Cloud Kingdom. Jake says that they were lucky that they were not in Ooo when the elemental stuff happened because now they have a chance to fix it. Cloudy brings them to Ice King and Betty who appear to have not noticed their absence. Cloudy wraps his tongue around Ice King and declares that he does not taste very good; saying that Jake was better, but mangy. Finn throws the jacket and Cloudy follows it away from the group. Betty announces that she has figured out what to do to fix Ooo, where they must retrieve the gems from the crowns of each of the elemental princesses. Finn appears happy and Ice King asks if they had gotten haircuts without him.


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Cultural references

  • When the cloud with the door is passing for a second time, Jake's voice sounds similar to Groucho from the Marx Brothers.

Episode connections

  • The Barber Shop Therapy may be a reference to Martin's job as a barber while living with Minerva in the Islands episode, "Min and Marty."
  • Finn's feelings on being responsible for the events of the miniseries are similar to Marceline's feelings in "The Dark Cloud" on feeling responsible for the events of Stakes.
  • While Jake tucks Finn in the cloud blanket, the music box tune for Sleepy Puppies, the lullaby that Margaret sings to Finn and Jake when they were kids that was first heard in the episode "Jake vs. Me-Mow," plays in the background.

Storyline analysis

  • It is strange that the Enchiridion (especially one from another timeline) needs the gems of slime, candy, and fire elementals for a few reasons.
    • It is not clear if the elementals always have access to gems in their life. This is unlikely because the elementals in "Evergreen" and "Elemental" did not appear with gems.
    • In addition it is unclear if there are multiple gems for the elementals.
    • This may be related to the Enchiridion's apparent "timelessness," as it contains information about the Land of Ooo despite the fact that Simon Petrikov found it before the Great Mushroom War. This may suggest that the Enchridion's contents vary depending on the specific time and dimension it is in.

Production notes

  • This episode was made available for download on iTunes on April 17th.
  • This episode reuses concepts from a scrapped season 1 episode known as "Cloud Story" in which Finn and Jake were to be stuck on a cloud and discuss their lives.[3]


  • At 2:54, when Jake is seen gliding as an airplane, his mouth disappears for a split second.


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