The Cloud People are the partying Water Elementals that first appear in "My Two Favorite People." In the episode, Jake calls one of the Cloud People, as he apparently has the Cloud Kingdom's number.[4] They also briefly appear in the episode "Evicted!," during the song as a "mean cloud man and his beautiful cloud bride."[6] They seem to love partying, as they are seen throwing parties in both "My Two Favorite People" and "Power Animal."[4] They reside in the Cloud Kingdom, according to a Nymph from "Power Animal."[1] There are also many bottles of sorts around and what appears to be a keg, suggesting their style of partying is a bit less PG than that of the Candy People.[4] In "The Tower," Carroll advises Finn not hold a grudge against his dad, suggesting that cloud people are calm beings. In the same episode, Carroll uses a lightning gun, which she uses to get Finn away, supporting the fact that Cloud people are very territorial, yet oddly friendly when comes to parties.[2] In the episode "Ocarina," a couple Cloud People rent rooms in the Tree Fort.[7]


They look just like clouds, though they are humanoid. The Cloud People are usually naked, though the one Jake talks to on the phone has a blue shirt, and in the crowd of Cloud People in "Power Animal" there is one with a yellow shirt that reads "PARTY." One of them also wears either a lampshade or a bucket, though this hardly constitutes clothing.[4][1]


The Cloud People seem very causal and uncaring, much like Lumpy Space People, since the Cloud Person Jake talks to on the phone is very easily distracted and is shown playing with the other Cloud People while on the phone.[4]


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