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Cloud Hunt is a game played by Finn and Jake in the episode "Marceline's Closet". It seems to be a mixture of the game hide-and-seek and tag. The hunt starts off by counting from one to five, then four, then reciting the following rhyme. It is not known if this is what you count to or if it is reference to Finn's inability to count due to lack of education. The rhyme may be referring to a nuclear cloud from the Mushroom War.


Over the mountain, the ominous cloud
Coming to cover the land in a shroud
Hide in a bushel, a basement, a cave
But when cloud comes a-huntin
No one's a save... no, safe!


  • The "Cloud Hunt" song could be a reference to the nursery rhyme "Ring Around the Rosey" in that both are associated with a playground game but have lyrics that allegedly reference a tragic event.
  • "Cloud Hunt" seems to refer to nuclear fallout from the Mushroom War, and a popular interpretation claims that "Ring Around the Rosey" refers to the Black Plague. For example, a rosy rash was supposedly a symptom of the Plague, and "a pocket full of posies" refers to sachets of herbs carried to ward off infection. However, folklorists reject the theory that "Ring Around the Rosey" was originally about the Plague, stating that the association is an urban legend that became popular in the twentieth century.[1]
  • The name for the game "Cloud Hunt" seems interchangeable with hide-and-seek, because when Marceline questions Finn and Jake on why they are in her house, Finn tells her that they were playing hide-and-seek, and not "Cloud Hunt."



Adventure Time - Cloud Hunt

"Cloud Hunt" in action


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