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"Clams and Raps" is sung by NeptrFinn and Flame Princess in "Son of Rap Bear". This rap is part of Clam Rap, an event where people join to rap and eat clams.


Neptr:C-C-C-C-Clam Rap
Juicy like nectar
My name is Neptr
I stay rapping no matter what the weather
I'm by the fire 'couse is hot like...
Finn: Clams, clams,
Ate this plate of clams
Utensils weren't provided
So I had to use my hands
I'm gonna be unhappy
If it happens agains
Flame Princess: I'm like a library book
So check me out
Reed my front and back covers
So you know what i'm about
I'm straight droolin'
Spittin' out rimes
People get around and they wait in lines
I've a lot of combinations
Words to throw
To let you know I've got glow
I said it 'couse you just don't know
So what now
What's up whats' up bro
Finn: You beet me fair and square
'couse maybe something's in the air
I'm wearing unlucky shoes, not my favorite pair