The Clambulance is a type of food truck that serves clams as seen in "Simon & Marcy" when Simon tries to get chicken soup for Marceline. Once he gets up to the top of the bridge, he sees that it is a truck full of clams. Frustrated that he did not find any soup for Marceline, he kicks the truck while "cursing." Then, mutants are shown to be in the truck and head towards Simon. He then proceeds to push the Clambulance off of the bridge, setting off its siren (saying "Clambulance" repeatedly). The siren alerts a nearby horde of mutants, which then chase Simon and Marceline.


  • The name of the truck is a portmanteau of the words "clam" (the food it serves) and "ambulance".
  • The head on top of the Clambulance bears a striking resemblance to Starchie.
  • The registration plate of the truck says:


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