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This article is about the place. You may be looking for the episode.

The City of Thieves is a location in Adventure Time, as well as the main setting of the episode of the same name. According to the Hag, anybody who goes within the city will become a thief, a fate that befell both Finn, who was tricked into stealing a chest, and Jake, who somehow stole a pair of boots without realizing it. There are so many thieves in the city that no one can hang on to something for more than a minute without it being stolen in an unending chain of thievery. However, there is an unguarded shop shown without having experienced any theft (aside from Jake's).


It is a run-down village situated in a desert built on top of the shell of a giant dead turtle. In the middle of the city is a deserted tower belonging to the King of Thieves. The tower is protected by a magical barrier that keeps out all thieves. The buildings are presumably made of logs and drywall.



The City of Thieves appears to have very few rules if any at all. All of its residents are Mutants or magical creatures. It is unknown why all of its residents became kleptomaniacs. It also seems that most residents have messy clothes and are barbaric.


  • Jake may still have had some of the City's magic on him since he unknowingly stole a doughnut in the next episode "The Witch's Garden."
  • It appears that those born in the city will remain a thief, even after being "purified."
  • The City resides in the shell of a deceased turtle.
  • A similar-looking city was to appear in the unused episode "The Glorriors."
  • The fact that it is built on a giant turtle shell may refer to "Tortuga", an island in the Caribbean ocean that became a major center of piracy in the 17th century which was often called "The city of thieves" as well.
  • The City of Thieves is based on the real life city of Detroit, Michigan.