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The Circus Insects are a variety of small insects with humanoid characteristics that appear in the episode "Sad Face". These insects are both performers and attendants of the Traveling Mini Circus.

They serve as many of the background character characters of the episode as well as the main antagonists.

List of Circus Insects[]

Name Image Description


Modelsheet ringmaster - withwhipwiki
Main article: Ringmaster
The Ringmaster is the main antagonist of the episode "Sad Face", serving as the many-hungry ringmaster of the traveling mini circus.

Insect Audience

The Insect Audience are various insects that attended the Traveling Mini Circus. They all appear to look small, ant-ish, red, and gray insects. Their personalities revolve around reacting whatever is happening during the circus. Some are shown to be completely oblivious to when events aren’t part of the show. They almost appear to be Ants, but this has not been confirmed, and they are missing some details to the ants that we have seen in the past.

They are voiced by Tom Kenny, Cole Sanchez, and Andy Milonakis

Insect Band

The Insect Band was a band of insects that played for the Traveling Mini Circus. They can be seen playing all the background music for the various acts. They all appear to look like the rest of the Arthropods that appeared throughout the episode, except these insects have band outfits on.

Insect Announcer Carnie

The Insect Announcer Carnie is one of the Traveling Mini Circus's workers. He stands outside the Entrance of the circus and announces the acts that will be being preformed each day. Because he is only see him from a far shot, it can be inferred that he was black, had a pair of arms and legs, wielded a cane, and wore a top hat. His body appeared to be circular. This is the only insect worker with one pair of arms.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny

Insect Actress

Insect Actress
The Insect Actress is one of the Traveling Mini Circus workers. She stands in front of a bullseye while the Blindfolded Mantis throws darts at her. She appears similar to Strong Insect Worker, except that she has no muscles or mustache, and her onesie has blue stripes, rather than green ones.

Insect Workers

The Insect Workers were the crew for the Traveling Mini Circus. They can be seen handling Goralina and one is seen hitting Blue Nose at the end of the episode. They all appear to have 4 arms and two legs. They each wear a hat. They all wear shirts of various colors (white, green, and purple) with overalls over them. They are some of the few insects seen wearing pants.

Blindfolded Mantis

Blindfolded Mantis
The Blindfolded Mantis is one of the Traveling Mini Circus workers. He was blindfolded and shot darts at Insect Actress. He also shot them at Goralina to stop his rampage. He appears to be a blindfolded mantis with boots. He is one of the only unique species of arthropods that work for the circus.

Strong Insect Worker

Strong Insect Worker
The Strong Insect Worker is one of the the Traveling Mini Circus's workers. He can be seen pulling Goralina and being beat up by Blue Nose. He appears to be an insect with strong arms and legs. He is wearing a green striped onesie. He also has a mustache. He can be seen laughing while Blue Nose is chasing after the Ringmaster, but also later beating him up for ruining the show, so he seems to just react to the situation at hand, much like the other bugs.


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