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Christopher the Honorary Banana Guard first appears in the episode "Rattleballs" while attacking Rattleballs.


Christopher is a Banana Guard who does not have any banana peel on his head and arms. He has brown hair and a navy-colored badge with a crown on it on his body with a long strap under the badge. His spear is slightly different than a regular Banana Guard's spear.


Not much about him is known, but as seen in the episode "Rattleballs", he becomes happy when he learns that Rattleballs died and says, "Ooh, wow. Cool," which shows that he dislikes Rattleballs. He was unaware that Rattleballs' execution was actually a ruse orchestrated by Princess Bubblegum.


  • Christopher was based on Chris, a kid who voiced a character in the episode "Root Beer Guy" courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.[1]
  • Christopher somewhat resembles Braco.