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Choose Goose's Armor was a collection of three sets of armor that are being sold by Choose Goose. Finn wanted to buy a set, but he couldn't afford it.

Cardboard Armor[]

Cardboard Armor

The Cardboard Armor was the first and weakest set of armor int eh collection. The helmet is a paper hat with a blue feather in it. The chest part is a cardboard box with holes cut into it for arms. On the side of the box, there is a tiny sword chained to it.

Broken Metal Armor[]

Metal Armor

The Broken Metal Armor is the second and most mediocre piece of armor in the collection. It appears to be made out of a bluish Metal. The chest plate and the helmet seem to be in tack, but it is completely missing an arm and a leg, the other arm and leg having been broken/torn in half. One of the shoulders appears to be made out of a skull, and a bandaid can be seen on the chest plate.

Samurai Armor[]

Samurai Armor

The Samurai Armor is the last and most impressive piece of armor in the entire set. The arms and legs are covered in black armor with red parts that help the user move easier. The chest and parts of the helmet are the color of gold. The helmet also appears to have some metal aspects. The chest has a red, flaming skull painted onto it, and there is a rope died around the waist. The rope also contains a blue fan. Choose Goose reviews that Jake's head was worth the value of this suit.


  • "Blood Under The Skin" is the only episode in which this collection is seen.


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