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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.
This article is about the Farmworld version. You may be looking for the regular version.

Choose Bruce is a merchant and is the Farmworld timeline's version of Choose Goose. He also has Choose Goose's rhyming problem, and he ran a similar shop to that of his main-timeline counterpart, however, it was burned down by the Destiny Gang.


Choose Bruce's clothes are identical to Choose Goose's, with the exception of the colour (purple instead of blue). His appearance, however, is quite different. Choose Bruce is a human with short brown hair and peach skin. He has round eyes and lips that stick out like a goose's bill, since his alternate version is a goose.


  • In the main timeline, there is a Bruce Guese listed as the writer for the newspaper article about Simon Petrikov.
  • His hat is similar to the Baby Eating Foxes in the book "Baby Eating Fox and the Babies" that appeared in "Jake the Dad".
  • In "Finn the Human", Choose Bruce was helpful to Farmworld Finn by throwing a head of lettuce at one of the Destiny Gang members and providing Farmworld Finn with a weapon for his arm to fight Big Destiny. However, in the Fionna & Cake episode "Destiny", Choose Bruce's personality seemed to change a little since he tried to hit Fionna with a bat that had a hammer, some barb wire and a knife attached to it after she demanded her phone back due to a bad barter, but Cake punched him in her defense.

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