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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Chips and Ice Cream" from season 6, which aired on April 30, 2015.

Ice Cream
Morty Rogers
Unnamed Merchant
Merchant (John)
Chips' and Ice cream's song
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Chips: Chips?

[The audience of rabbits laughs.]

Ice Cream: Ice cream?
Chips: Chips! [The audience of rabbits laughs.] Chips. Ch-i-ips!
Ice cream: [Pats Ice Cream on the head] Ice cream!

[The audience of rabbits continues to laugh. BMO claps and laughs. Finn and Jake are sitting by a nearby tree.]

Finn: I don't get it.
Jake: Ah, just keep watching. BMO said the second act gets crazy.

[Chips and Ice Cream are now "walking." Some prop clouds and a prop bird go by the two.]

Chips: Chips chips chips. Chips chips... Chips!
Ice Cream: Ice cream! [Kisses the prop bird.]
Chips: [Kisses the prop bird and looks to the audience.] Chips...
Ice Cream: [Looks towards the audience] Ice cream...

[The curtain on the stage closes. The crowd stands and applauds. The curtains open again and Morty Rogers takes a bow.]

BMO: [Pulls up some grass and throws it.] Bravo!

[Finn begins to slowly clap]

Jake: What the stuff was that?!

[The audience of rabbits and BMO continue their applause]

Morty Rogers: [Hops out of the stage carriage.] Now, who wants to invite me over for dinner?

[The audience of rabbits and BMO cheer in response.]

Mother Rabbit: Come on, kids! We're going to grandma's.
Morty Rogers: [Sighs.]

[The audience of rabbits walks towards their mother leaving only BMO.]

BMO: Dinner?[Runs to Finn and Jake. Slides on their knees and puts their arms in a pleading gesture] Please can we invite him to dinner?
Jake: No.
BMO: But, Jake, I never ask you for anything. When did I ever ask you for anything?
Jake: Yesterday. You said, [Imitating BMO] "Jake, please take me to see Chips and Ice Cream! It's a Broadway smash!" And I believed you.
BMO: [Crying.] You don't understand me, Jake.
Morty Rogers: [Rubs two coins together and sighs.]
BMO: [Pokes Morty Rogers on the shoulder.] Please come over for dinner! I love you! [Squeals.]
Morty Rogers: Yeah. Dinner sounds great! [Chuckles.] Yeah! Wait. The place where you eat dinner, does the moon shine through the window at night?
Finn: Sure.
Morty Rogers: All right! Let's do it!

[The scene cuts to Finn and Jake's Tree Fort at night]

BMO: Oh, ooh! And when Chips trips over the turtle, it was so funny! But also sad. It made me think about the fragility of my own life.
Morty Rogers: [Looks out the window to the clouds covering the moon.] Just a little more...
Jake: [Holds up rice patties and a dead fish] Hey, y'all ready for some sushi burgers?
Morty Rogers: Mm, I don't eat burgers. Got any chips and ice cream?
Jake: Uh..Sure. I just sculpted these buns though.
BMO: [Bangs their fist on the table.] Give the man what he wants! Soo, is your name Chips and Ice cream?
Morty Rogers: My name is Morty Rogers.
BMO: [Nods.] I see.
Jake: [Carrying four bowls of chips and ice cream.] Okay! Food's done. [Finn and BMO cheer]
Morty Rogers: Let's all dig in! [Jake begins to eat the chips and ice cream.] Yes, eat it. Eat that chips and ice cream.
BMO: Oh, yes sir! [Begins eating chips and ice cream.]
Morty Rogers: [Looks out the window to the moon showing through the clouds and gasps.] It's time. [Takes off his turban to reveal Chips and Ice Cream.]
Chips: [Looks to Ice Cream.]Chips chips chips?
Ice Cream: Ice cream ice cream.
BMO: No...Flipping...Way!
Morty Rogers: [Stands from his seat.] By the light of the waxing moon, which was just unveiled by the parting clouds, I command these two imps that have taken possession of my ears to transfer onto the head of the being who is directly across from me [Steps forwards and aligns his shadow with Jake's]and is currently eating chips and ice cream!

[A blue light ray hits Morty Rogers' ears where Chips and Ice Cream are. Chips and Ice Cream become specters, float towards Jake and sit on his head. They form new ears onto of his head.]

Chips: Chips chips?!
Ice Cream: Ice cream...
Morty Rogers: Huh [Touches his ears.] It worked! I'm a free bear! [Laughs hysterically,jumps out the window and leaves.]
Jake: Well, now I'm a guy with these things on my head. I guess I'm just gonna roll with the punches.
Finn: Uh... Don't worry, man. I'm gonna pretend they're not even there.
Chips: Chips!
Ice Cream: Ice cream!
BMO: [Bangs a beat out on the table.]This is the greatest day of my liiife!

[Scene changes to Finn and Jake's bedroom.Chips and Ice Cream are conversing.]

Jake: Maybe if I put a towel over my head they'll go to sleep. [Grabs a towel from the wardrobe.]
Finn: Huh. What's on your head? I don't even notice it.
Jake: Heh. Yeah, okay. [Puts the towel over Chips and Ice Cream]
Chips: [Muffled.] Chips chips.
Ice Cream: [Muffled.] Ice cream.

[Scene changes to BMO sleeping on the table in the Tree Fort]

BMO: [Wakes up to crying.] Huh?

[Scene changes to Jake asleep with a towel on top of his head.]

Chips: [Crying.]Chips...[Sniffles] Chips...!

[BMO crawls under the towel with a flashlight to greet Chips.]

Chips: Chips! Chips chips chips. Chips! Chips chips?!
Ice Cream: [Wakes up and groans.] Ice cream?
Chips: Chips chips! Chips chips chips chips chips!
Ice Cream: [Whispering.] Ice cream? Ice cream ice cream ice cream!
Jake: [Grumbles and sits up while Chips and Ice Cream continue to talk.] All right, that's enough. They're going outside. [Jake stretches Chips and Ice Cream outside and lays them on the grass.]
BMO: Nooooooo!
Chips: Chips.
Ice Cream: [Sighing.] Ice cream.
BMO: [Comes outside with a small blanket.] Poor Chips and Ice Cream. [Puts the blanket on top of Chips and Ice Cream.]
Ice Cream: [Singing] Ah, ah, ah, ah ice cream.
Chips: [Singing] Chips chips chips chips...

[Chips and Ice Cream sit up and begin to sway while singing. BMO puts their hands on their face. Scene changes to daytime in the Tree Fort. BMO is sitting on Jake's head with a microphone between Chips and Ice Cream.]

Finn: [Sighs.] Why are you up so early?
Jake: [Grabbing at some fabric.] I got to get to the farmer's market before all the choice stuff is gone.
Finn: Oh. Why is BMO on your head?
Jake: He is?!
Chips: [Speaking into BMO's microphone.]Chips chips.
Ice Cream: [Speaking into BMO's microphone.]Ice cream.
BMO: I'm onto something important!
Jake: Quit clownin' around.
BMO: [Running off Jake's head.]Okay. I was done anyhow. [Goes to sit on the Tree Fort floor and plays Chip's voice on their screen.] [Distorted] Chips chips.
Jake: So, you want me to pick up any snacks?
Finn: Yeah, maybe some ketchup chips?
Chips: [Smacks Jake on the eye.] Chips.
Finn: And...some kale [Hesitant.] chips.
Chips: [Smacks Jake on the eye.] Chips!
Finn: And some corn... [Whispers.] chips.
Chips: [Smacks Jake on the eye.] Chips.
Jake: Okay. [Puts a light blue piece of fabric on his head like a bonnet.] Later, dude.
Finn: Later.
Chips: [Muffled.] Chips!
Ice Cream: [Muffled.] Ice cream!
Finn: [Sighs in frustration.]

[Scene cuts to the farmer's market.]

Jake: [Looking at two apples.] Hmm..
Apple Merchant: Nice choice! Those are two of my faves!
Chips: [Peering out of the bonnet to look at the apple.] Chips.
Apple Merchant: Yeah, we have chips.
Ice Cream: [Peering out of the bonnet to look at the apple.] Ice cream?
Apple Merchant: Sorry. I don't have any ice cream, but I know who does. [Whistles to the Merchant to the right.] Hey, John!
John: Yo!
Apple Merchant: I gots a customer for yas. [Takes Jake's apples and says to him.]I'll bag these for ya.

[Jake walks over to John's stall.]

John: [Hands a tub of ice cream to another customer.] Enjoy and stay awesome. [To Jake.] Yo! I got ice creams!
Ice Cream: [Looking down at the ice cream.] Ice cream?
John: I recommend the hamburger flavor. Also, the pizza flavor is tremendous!
Customer: Do you have taco?
John: One second! [Turns to get a tub of ice cream for the customer and hands it to them.] One taco flavored.
Customer: [Taking the tub of ice cream.] You have the best!
John: You have the best, out-of-this-world day. [To Jake.] What's your spectacular choice?
Morty Rogers: [Gasps.] No. No! Stay away! You can't make me take them back!
Jake: [Turns to face Morty Rogers.] Oh hey, Morty Rogers.
Ice Cream: Ice cream!
Morty Rogers: [Throws his tub of ice cream and runs away screaming. Knocks over crates of food as he runs.]
John: Tremendous.
Morty Rogers: [Runs and pants. Enters his home.] No more chips. No more ice cream. [Cuts open a can of beans.] Beans. That's what regular-sized-ear folks eat. Regular old morty Rogers... [Looks at a tub of ice cream and a bag of chips. Screams.] [Groans and shuffles. Grabs a record and plays it on the record player.]

[The record player begins playing mid tempo music. Morty Rogers begins to dance along to the music. The record skips on the needle.]

Morty Rogers: Oh! I hope the record is not scratched or chipped. Chip. Ice cream. [Grabs buttons and sewing thread from a drawer.

[Morty Rogers puts Chips and Ice Cream sock puppets on his ears.]

Morty Rogers: [Mimicking Chips.] Chips. [Moves to wiggle the Chips sock puppet.]

[Scene change to the Tree Fort at night.]

Chips: Chips chips chips.
Ice Cream: Ice creaaaam.

[Scene change to Morty Rogers' house.]

Morty Rogers: [Mimicking Chips and Ice Cream.] Chips chips! Chip chip. Ice cream! Ice cream!
Morty Rogers: Hush! Hush! Hush! [Kicks a plate of beans and grabs the sockpuppet Chips.] Noiseless, Chips! [Grabs the sockpuppet Ice Cream.] Inaudible, Ice Cream! [Tosses the Chips and Ice Cream sock puppets on the table while crying.] Nyahah!

[Scene change to the Tree Fort at daytime. Chips and Ice Cream are conversing while Jake spreads mayonnaise on a piece of bread.]

Finn: [Throws up his arms.] Aah! Quiet! [Slams his hands on the table.] I thought I could just ignore them, but I can't! Chips and Ice Cream have to go!
Jake: [Continues to spread mayonnaise on his piece of bread.] Listen. Even if I could find Morty Rogers again, I don't know how to get these things to go back to him or even if they want to.
Chips: Chips chips!
Ice Cream: Ice cream!

[Finn bangs his head against the table.]

BMO: [Runs into the room.] I finished with my computations! As I thought, it's a real language they are speaking based on intonations! [Speaking to Chips and Ice Cream.] Chips? Chips chips chips! Ice cream?

[Chips and Ice Cream respond to BMO at the same time.]]

BMO: [Nods.] I know what we have to do.

[Scene change to Morty Rogers' house.]

Morty Rogers: [Emerges from a barrel of chips and ice cream holding a mirror.] How many years did I search for a rube to take my burden? [Touches one of his ears.] What's wrong with me? You two brought me nothing but pain... [Rubs one ear gently.] And I can't stop thinking of you. But I don't want you back! [Presses the mirror to his face.] I don't want you!

[Chips and Ice Cream's song heard in the distance.]

Morty Rogers: [Glances around.] What's that? [Looks at the mirror.] Do you hear that? [Drops the mirror.]

[Singing continues.]

Morty Rogers: [Starts to get out of the barrel.] It's like--Chips..Ice Cream. [Gets out of the barrel and exits his house.] I..must..I..must!

[Singing continues. Scene change to Finn,Jake and BMO standing around Chips and Ice Cream as they sing into a microphone. Morty Rogers watches from a window.]

BMO: [Whispering.] He's here!
Jake: [Singing.] I love you, Chips and Ice Cream. I hope you never leave.
Morty Rogers: No! Those are my Chips and Ice Cream! By the light of the waxing moon, which was just unveiled by the parting clouds, transfer those two imps that have taken possession of Jake's ears to the head of the being who is watching from the window! Chips and Ice Cream!

[The clouds part to reveal the moon a blue ray hits Morty Rogers' head and Chips and Ice Cream turn back into specters.]

Finn: BMO, it's happening!

[Jake tosses the chips and ice cream bowl and throws BMOholding a jar at the two specters. BMO catches them in the jar and seals the lid.]

Morty Rogers: No! My Chips! And Ice Cream!
BMO: [Runs outside and opens the jar.] Free!
Morty Rogers: Noooo!

[The specters of Chips and Ice Cream begin to float up into the sky.]

Finn: [Peering out the Tree Fort window.]Whoa.
Morty Rogers: What's going on?
BMO: Chips and Ice Cream wanted to be free. But they could only be if I interrupted the transference ritual.
Morty Rogers: Free? I'm sorry for keeping you dudes as my prisoners for so many years. [Crying.] But what am I gonna do without you?!
Chips: Chips.
Ice Cream: Ice cream.

[Chips and Ice Cream kiss Morty Rogers and fly up into the sky.]

Morty Rogers: What?

[Scene change to Chips and Ice Cream flying in the night sky.]

Chips: Chips!
Ice Cream: Ice cream!

[Chips and Ice Cream kiss a bird passing by.]

Chips: Chips.
Ice Cream: Ice cream.