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"Chips and Ice Cream" is the thirty-fourth episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and ninetieth episode overall.[3]


BMO's favorite artists find a new home in the treehouse.[4]


BMO and a bunch of bunnies are watching a show consisting of Chips and Ice Cream at a side of a wagon. When the show finishes, Morty Rogers the "puppeteer" asks whether anyone would want to invite him for dinner but all the bunnies leave. BMO goes over to the Morty and invites over to the tree fort for dinner. The "puppeteer" says yes after asking whether the moon shines through the window where they have dinner to which Finn replies "sure."

In the tree fort at night, Jake has prepared sushi burgers but Morty refuses and asks for chips and ice cream. They all have a dish of chips and ice cream, however, Morty is concentrating on the moon. The moonlight starts to shine through the window when Morty suddenly takes his hat off revealing Chips and Ice Cream. Morty then performs a ritual where Chips and Ice Cream's spirits cast off his head and attach onto Jake's. Morty then shouts that he's free and jumps out of the window running away hysterically. Finn and Jake try to ignore Chips and Ice Cream as they head to bed. BMO however is excited. Jake puts a towel over his head hoping that Chips and Ice Cream would go away the next morning.

During their slumber, BMO hears Chips and Ice Cream repeatedly cry out "Chips" and "Ice Cream." He goes to investigate and tries to figure out what's wrong, however, Jake gets irritated with Chips and Ice Cream's cries and stretches them outside where BMO quickly lays a blanket as they sing "Chips and Ice Cream."

When Finn wakes up the next morning, he realizes that Jake is up early because he needs to go to the Farmers Market. BMO is on top of Jake between Chips and Ice Cream recording their dialogue.

In the Farmers Market, Jake tries to buy some food items while being constantly interrupted by "Chips" and "Ice Cream" by Chips and Ice Cream." When Jake is at the Ice Cream stand, Morty Rogers is coincidentally standing next to Jake and he notices Chips and Ice Cream and runs away to his Wagon House. In the house, he tries everything he can to forget Chips and Ice Cream but starts going insane putting two socks on his head pretending that they're Chips and Ice Cream.

The next day, Finn and Jake are eating while Chips and Ice Cream repeatedly say "Chips" and "Ice Cream." Finn gets extremely annoyed slamming the table and telling Jake that Chips and Ice Cream have got to go. Jake agrees but compromises by telling Finn that he doesn't know where Morty Rogers is. Out of nowhere, BMO comes and tells them that he has figured out Chips and Ice Cream. He tells them that Chips and Ice Cream are speaking in a language where they can't a few words with multiple intonations and inflections carrying multiple meanings. BMO has also seemed to understand their language, asking Chips and Ice Cream "Chips," "Ice Cream," to which Chips and Ice Cream reply "Chips," "Ice Cream." BMO now understands what they need to do to get Chips and Ice Cream off Jake's head.

In Morty Rogers' Wagon House, he is seen in a big tub of Chips and Ice Cream where we find out that he misses Chips and Ice Cream even though he wanted to get rid of them. He suddenly hears a faint song playing with the lyrics "Chips" and "Ice Cream." As he gets out his house and walks closer to the singing, he realizes that he's at the tree fort and that Chips and Ice Cream are singing. He urgently climbs up the side of a window and sees Jake with Chips and Ice Cream singing together. Morty desperately casts the ritual again by the shining moon and as it starts to work BMO jumps off Jake and traps Chips and Ice Cream in a jar. BMO runs outside and opens the jar which frees the spirits of Chips and Ice Cream. Morty who is in tears and remorse kneels down next to BMO. BMO explains that Chips and Ice Cream wanted to be free. Morty acknowledges and apologizes to them for keeping them prisoner, Chips and Ice Cream give him a kiss and fly away admiring the real and free world as they kiss a bird and shout out "Chips!" And "Ice Cream!"


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  • This episode was supposed to air on April 20 on Cartoon Network Latin America, but instead, "The Mountain" was aired.[5]



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