Chipmunks are reoccurring woodland critters found in the Land of Ooo. In "Bun Bun," a population of these live in a cave that is ruled by the Flame King. A chipmunk can be seen in "Storytelling," surrounding the Rite of Forest Justice. In "Sad Face," a chipmunk known as Goralina is an attraction in a circus. She was later freed by Jake's tail.


The chipmunks in Adventure Time resemble ordinary woodland critters, despite the fact that reside in a post-apocalyptic world. Their behavior is out of the ordinary, however, like many other animals in the show; they can speak, and evident in "Storytelling," unite and rebel with other animals.[1][2] The chipmunks in season 2 are designed without any appendages on their limbs, and feature a white patch of fur on their tails and head.[2] In season 7, they do not possess any white patches, and their fur patch color remains consistent throughout their entire dorsal side.[1]

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  • The chipmunks are designed slightly different in "Bun Bun" than they are in "Storytelling." This may be due to the increase in complexity in the show's animation.


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