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Chipmunks are reoccurring woodland critters found in the Land of Ooo. In "Bun Bun," a population of chipmunks live in a cave that becomes ruled by the Flame King. A chipmunk can be seen in "Storytelling" surrounding the Rite of Forest Justice. In "Sad Face," a chipmunk known as Goralina is an attraction in a circus. She was later freed by Jake's tail. In "Son of Rap Bear," one of cave chipmunks raps for Flame King. In "Always BMO Closing," BMO and Ice King run into a very overweight chipmunk, scaring him away in an attempt to make a sale.


The chipmunks in Adventure Time resemble ordinary woodland critters, despite living in a post-apocalyptic world. Their behavior is out of the ordinary, however, like many other animals in the show they can speak, and evident in "Storytelling," unite and rebel with other animals.[1][2] The chipmunks seen in Season 2 are designed without any appendages on their limbs and feature a white patch of fur on their heads and tails.[2] As of Season 7, they possess no white patches, and their fur patch color remains consistent throughout the entirety of their dorsal side.[1]

Notable Chipmunks

Other Known Chipmunks

Image Name Basic Description
Forest Inhabitant Chipmunks The Forest Inhabitant Chipmunks are a handful of squirrels that appear among other forest inhabitants in the episode, "Storytelling."

Tree Chipmunk

This chipmunk made its debut in the episode "Up a Tree" as a member of the tree cult.
Heil Chipmunk King.png
Chipmunk Followers The Chipmunk Followers are chipmunks that wear candles on their heads and worship the Flame King as their "Squirrel King" in the episode, "Bun Bun."
S10e2 BMO startling the next customer.png
Customer Chipmunk The Customer Chipmunk is a squirrel that was seen carrying two nuts in the episode, "Always BMO Closing." They were one of BMO's potential customers that he tried to sell to.
Poke Chipmunk The Poke Chipmunk is a chipmunk that was poked by Finn and Jake because they wanted to be good boys in the episode, "Five More Short Graybles."
Chipmunks Rapping.png
Backup Singer Chipmunks The Backup Singer Chipmunks were a pair of chipmunks that helped Rapper Chipmunk rap in the episode, "Son of Rap Bear."

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  • The chipmunks are designed slightly different in "Bun Bun" than they are in "Storytelling."


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