Cheryl is the mascot of Super Porp and the head of the Super Porp Factory. Cheryl is prominently featured on her company's vending machines and is also featured on a fountain inside the Super Porp factory. She is likely the last of the Super Porp mascots after Susan Strong defeats her in "Dark Purple."


She is a purple humanoid figure who typically wears an unmoving mask, depicting a smiling, big-eyed figure with grape-like hair, the single flavor the Super Porp comes in. However, after being punched by Susan Strong, the mascot's true form is revealed to be an oozing blue violet substance.


There have likely been several Cheryls throughout the company's history. At a certain point in time, possibly when the current Cheryl grows old, the Super Porp delivery drones seek out a "Destiny Baby" to replace her. The purpose of this is to ensure that quality Super Porp is continuously produced while maintaining the company's brand awareness in the outside world.


Cheryl maintains the image as a friendly and approachable mascot by speaking in a cheerful tone. She always dons a mask to preserve the overall design of Cheryl. She is also completely devoted in leading Super Porp and ensuring that the company has a stable future by searching for someone to be her successor.

Cheryl is the leader of the Super Porp People and maintains absolute control over the workers in the factory. Her authority over the workers is so great to the point that they will immediately stop what they are doing to perform their work. Despite this, Cheryl appears to be a poor ruler as most workers clearly experience mild torment and mental deterioration due to the factory's conditions.


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