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"Cherry Cream Soda" is the third episode in the seventh season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred and second episode overall.


The arrival of a visitor causes Cherry Cream Soda's life to fall flat.


A flashback to Maja and Darren's attack on the Candy Kingdom is seen. Captain Root Beer Guy successfully manages to flip a switch to activate a force field to trap Maja and Darren, but is hit by one of Darren's lightning bolts and killed in the process. Suddenly, Cherry Cream Soda is seen waking up and screaming for Root Beer Guy, having apparently had a dream about her husband's death. Dejected, she simply tells herself: "One day at a time."

After feeding her cat Loafy, she enters her bathroom and thinks she sees Root Beer Guy's silhouette in the shower, only to find Starchy. Starchy points out that Cherry Cream Soda does this every morning despite them having been married for two months. Before leaving for work, Starchy offers to bury Root Beer Guy's remains, which Cherry Cream Soda has been keeping in her home, in order to help her get over him. She thanks him and says she will think about it.

After Starchy leaves, Cherry Cream Soda takes the jar containing Root Beer Guy's remaining liquid and brings it to an abandoned lot. She has a flashback, which reveals that the lot once housed an ice cream parlor manned by Princess Bubblegum. Princess Bubblegum is seen creating Root Beer Guy and Cherry Cream Soda and, upon bringing them to life, pronounces them a married couple. In the present day, Cherry Cream Soda buries Root Beer Guy and sadly says her final goodbyes. As she leaves, it begins to rain. A lightning bolt strikes the metal rod which Cherry Cream Soda had used to dig the hole and the jolt travels into the ground. A single flower sprouts up from Root Beer Guy's burial place.

The next morning, Cherry Cream Soda wakes up happily, surprised not to have had her recurring dream of Root Beer Guy's death. She enters the bathroom and greets Starchy, finally appearing to have achieved closure. However, her joy is interrupted by the surprise sight of a revived Root Beer Guy smiling at her through the bathroom window. Confused, she goes to the front door and opens it to find Root Beer Guy, who is surprised that he has come back to life. She faints from the shock.

Cherry Cream Soda wakes up and is initially relieved, thinking that she was only hallucinating. However, Root Beer Guy is actually sitting on the couch, and he tells her that he is "fairly upset that she remarried." Cherry Cream Soda is still in disbelief about how Root Beer Guy can suddenly be alive again, while Root Beer Guy surveys his former home, trying to find a toy bear that he had bought for Cherry Cream Soda when he was alive. Unaware that he now possesses supernatural strength as a result of being undead, he accidentally wrecks the house in the process, angering Starchy. Cherry Cream Soda tells Root Beer Guy that she is proud of him and his sacrifice, but that their life together ended when he pulled the force field switch knowing he would die. Root Beer Guy tries to tell Cherry Cream Soda that he still loves her, but he trips and ends up creating a giant hole in the wall. Cherry Cream Soda angrily tells him to get out. Dejected, Root Beer Guy exits and walks through the streets of the Candy Kingdom, eventually entering the Candy Tavern.

Back in the house, Starchy asks Cherry Cream Soda how she managed to stay married to Root Beer Guy, whom he calls a freak, a term which she objects to. Starchy tries to comfort Cherry Cream Soda, but she turns him away and says she needs time alone. Starchy enters the basement and, reaching for a shovel, decides that it is time to permanently bury Root Beer Guy.

In the tavern, Root Beer Guy is speaking to Jake and Lady Rainicorn, lamenting his failure at reconnecting with Cherry Cream Soda. Jake tells Root Beer Guy to try speaking to Cherry Cream Soda again, and a motivated Root Beer Guy runs back to the house to do so. He approaches the front door, only to be confronted by Starchy, who bars him from entering. Starchy shoves him aside and challenges him to a fight, which Root Beer Guy reluctantly accepts. The commotion attracts Cherry Cream Soda's attention, but before she can reach the front door to speak to Root Beer Guy, Starchy begins to shovel dirt out of Root Beer Guy's head. Starchy ends up chasing Root Beer Guy to the ruins of the ice cream parlor. Before their conflict can develop into an all-out brawl, Cherry Cream Soda arrives and announces that she has decided that she does not want to be married to either of them. She tells Starchy that he is a maniac and that she regrets ever stooping so low as to marry him, and Starchy angrily leaves. She then tells Root Beer Guy that she does not know him anymore. Root Beer Guy takes this as a rejection and is about to sadly leave, but Cherry Cream Soda stops him and says that while she does not know him, she would like to know him. The two decide to go out with one another, promising to take it slow this time around.


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  • Finn has not appeared since "Bonnie and Neddy," however he is mentioned. This marks the first time he has not appeared in consecutive episodes with Jake.
  • At one point in the episode, Starchy breaks the fourth wall by referring to Candy Corn as "Candy Person #22," as the modelsheets usually just say "Candy Person #_."

Cultural references

  • The episode's opening scene showing Cherry Cream Soda waking up and then entering the bathroom to see who she thinks is her late husband in the shower is an homage to an iconic scene from the television series Dallas.
  • The concept of the dead being reanimated by lightning can be seen as a reference to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
  • The scene where Root Beer Guy is resurrected from the dead after lightning strikes a crowbar next to his grave may be a nod to how Jason Voorhees was brought back in Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives.
  • When Starchy challenges Root Beer Guy to a fight outside his home, he offers to lay down his shovels, but has a smaller one secretly taped to the back of his head. This is a reference to the action film Die Hard, in which John McClane does the same to trick Hans Gruber, but with guns.
  • Towards the end, when Cherry Cream Soda says she doesn't choose either Starchy or Root Beer Guy, Starchy says "What?!". This sounds uncannily similar to how Professor Farnsworth from Futurama says this.

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Production notes

  • This episode leaked online before its intended airdate.
  • This episode's working title was "Dirt Beer Guy." [1]

Storyline analysis

  • This episode reveals that Princess Bubblegum can simply take two Candy People and declare them married. This is how Root Beer Guy and Cherry Cream Soda were married.
  • As of this episode, Root Beer Guy has been revived and renamed Dirt Beer Guy.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.



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