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Cherry Cream Soda is an attorney and the wife of Root Beer Guy, before his death. She was worried about her husband's obsession with his mystery novel and his lack of attention towards her. Their relationship improved after Root Beer Guy became the Captain of the Banana Guards.

Cherry Cream Soda later married Starchy after Root Beer Guy's death, but later left him due to his psychotic attempts at eliminating Root Beer Guy, who had been brought back from the dead and resurrected as Dirt Beer Guy. Cherry Cream Soda then decided to take a second shot at being with Dirt Beer Guy.


As depicted in her titular episode, both Cherry Cream Soda and Root Beer Guy were created by Princess Bubblegum in a malt shop and shortly after pronounced husband and wife by her.

Cherry Cream Soda resembles her husband, only the soda in her head is a lighter shade of brown and the cream on her head makes the shape of her hair, which is styled in a 1960's bob. She also has a cherry on her head instead of a straw. She wears a red dress with white buttons and little red shoes. Sometimes she carries around a blue purse.

On one occasion, she cosplays as a French maid to entice her husband, but the titillation is lost on Root Beer Guy as he is too wrapped up in the mystery of Princess Bubblegum's kidnapping to notice. In "Cherry Cream Soda," she wears a nightgown when she is in the bed that her and Root Beer Guy used to sleep in.


She loved her husband, but she used to think that he loved his mystery novel more than he loved her and just missed him and missed sleeping next to him. She thought he was crazy for thinking that Finn and Jake captured Princess Bubblegum.

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  • She and Root Beer Guy never dated before their wedding, because their marriage was at the same time as their baptism. However, they are now currently dating after the events of "Cherry Cream Soda."

Names in other languages[]

  • Her Italian name is Bolli Gassi.
  • Her Polish name is Oranżadka


You need to eat something before you go to work, and you can't keep falling asleep at the typewriter like that. It's bad for your back. Besides, I miss you at night.

Peeking through the bushes! You've been warping your mind with that mystery stuff! You've been working on that same novel for 10 years now and for what?

Look at me, Root Beer Guy! I am a Cherry Cream Soda! I have all the needs of any other cherry cream soda! Even diet cream soda!

Finn and Jake would never do that!

I called them! That's right! I did it for us!

That was a great night, baby.

I'm so proud of you, Mr. Captain of the Banana Guards.