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Chatsberry is a character that appears in "Evergreen." He is a Candy Elemental and one of the few characters known to exist before the Mushroom War. He has been reincarnated as several beings, the most recent of which is Princess Bubblegum.


Chatsberry is a slim, candy humanoid with bubble-gum pink skin and mustache. He wears a pink and white striped candy swirl that wraps around his body and wields a honey ladle. He also wears pink boots and has what appears to be bubble gum hair or a pink hat on his head. His body shape is similar to Abracadaniel's with his long slender limbs and thin frame.


Chatsberry is a mindful elemental who preaches caution to Urgence Evergreen when he proposes his plan to create a wish-granting crown in "Evergreen." He also comes across as deeply insightful, suggesting that the crown, which would eventually become Ice King's crown, may discover things within Evergreen that he cannot see himself. He speaks with authority amongst his fellow elementals, evidence that his counsel is respected and sought after.


As a Candy Elemental, Chatsberry has abilities based on different variations of candy. The portal Chatsberry arrives through, for example, takes the form of a peppermint candy. He seemingly has the ability to generate candy out of thin air as he fires a stream of jelly beans at Evergreen when he attacks the other elementals.


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