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Centipedes are a species of insect that appear in the real world. Throughout the Adventure time series, we see a few centipedes, some normal and some mutated.

List of minor centipedes[]

Image Name Basic Description
Modelsheet centipede
Party Centipede The Party Centipede is a centipede that shows up to all of the insect parties, which include the party in "Evicted!" and the party in "Little Brother"
S2e17 Eyes and centipede things
Cave Centipedes The Cave Centipedes are tiny red centipedes that appear in the episode, "Death in Bloom."
Two Headed Centipede The Two Headed Centipede is one of the creatures that appeared in the Mini Elf Kingdom. The Two Headed Centipede has an interesting design. It has a head on either side of it's body. At the top of their heads are these purple grouped-up antennae like feelers. They also appear to have three eyes on either head, with orange or irises that have black around them.


Normal or not, all centipedes in the series appear to have a long body with many legs.


  • Most centipedes seen throughout the series are mutants.


Official Art[]