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There are many cats spread throughout the Land of Ooo though their forms vary greatly. The Box Kingdom is inhabited by cats who carry cardboard boxes on their backs. Gunter gave birth to a cat, though it is unknown how this happened and whether or not it is common.


Image Name Basic Description
Princess Bubblegum Cat Cameo.png
Cat in Hug Wolf This cat helped give Princess Bubblegum a cameo in the episode "Hug Wolf." The scene where they appeared was when Jake saw Finn lying in the stream in the Candy Kingdom. Princess Bubblegum is chasing the cat for an unknown reason. The cat appears to be a normal cat with a bluish-gray fur.
Modelsheet cat.jpg
Cat in Storytelling A cat is one of the animals present only at the Rite of Forest Justice. It is a fluffy gray cat with a red nose.
Officer Davis.png
Officer Davis Officer Davis is what BMO calls a cat who appears in "BMO Noire." He is the police officer who saves BMO from being trapped in the pantry. He also warned BMO to stay away from the case of the missing sock or he might have to lock BMO up. Officer Davis was the one to let BMO know that he was off the hook for Bebe's murder since they had found a confession note near Ronnie after the shoot-out. However, this could all be a part of BMO's imagination. It is possible that Finn and Jake do not really have this cat in their home because Jake doesn't like cats.

He looks like a normal cat with black spots. His true color is still unknown because his first appearance was in black and white throughout most of the episode.

Officer Meow.png
Officer Meow Officer Meow is what BMO calls a cat that resides in the Tree Fort and was seen in "BMO Noire." He was found at the scene where they found Bebe dead. BMO seemed to be scared at the sight of Officer Meow. However, this could all be a part of BMO's imagination.

He is a regular sized cat with light fur and dark spots on his body. His eyes are closed and he has some fat around his neck exposing his chin. His real color is unknown, because of the episode taking place in black and white color.

Lieutenant Whiskers.png
Lieutenant Whiskers Lieutenant Whiskers is what BMO calls a cat who makes his only appearance to date in the episode "BMO Noire." He appears in the scene where Bebe is killed. However, it is possible that this sequence is all a part of BMO's imagination.

He has spots all over his body and is the size of a regular cat. His real color is unknown, due to the fact that the episode took place in black and white color. 

S5 e18 Cat playing with fly.PNG
Cat in Princess Potluck A cat was seen in Princess Potluck, it has a weird build and is a blue-ish grey color.
Tumblr moxnssV54n1rqnj8xo1 500.png
Cat in Candy Streets Finn and Jake were shown messing around with these two cats in "Candy Streets," they seem like normal cats but are wearing clothes.
Mow-Me Mow-Me is a character who is seen listed on a chart in Issue 5. She is considered to be "lawful evil."

She looks similar to Me-Mow but with a light brown fur with dark brown spots and a yellow iris.

Boxprince switch gesture S5E37.png
Box People In the episode "Box Prince," Finn confronts a kingdom of box people, who are actually cats with boxes over them.
Cat in "Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe!" This Cat appears as the Wizards from the episode drive by among the town of Old Ladies.
Cat Helmet.jpg
Helmet Cat The Helmet Cat was a cat that was used as a helmet by one of the Marauders in the episode, "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain."
Cat Armor.jpg
Armor Cat The Armor Cat was a brown cat that was used as armor by one of the Marauders in the episode, "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain."
Dolphin's Cat.jpg
Dolphin's Cat The Dolphin's Cat was a cat that sat upon the head of the Dolphin in the episode, "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain."
Cat Face.jpg
Snow Golem Cat The Snow Golem Cat was created because Finn and Jake hit the head off of a snow golem, so he replaced it with a cat head in the episode, "Prisoners of Love."
Loafy Loafy is a candy cat owned by Root Beer Guy and Cherry Cream Soda. He appears in their house in the episodes of the same name.
Candy Cats In the episode "Skyhooks II," a pair of cats were revealed to have been assimilated with the candy element. They were a couple of the many creatures singing to Finn. Both of their bodies were Candy based, except one was black and the other was pink with an arched back.

Big Cats

Image Name Basic Description
Lion in "Wizard" A lion appears very briefly in "Wizard", in the scene introducing the Wizard Students. A student is seen riding on the lion, then he casts a spell, and he and the lion switch places, which causes the student to make a Phil Face.

Disguised as a frog creature

Tiger The Tiger is an orange cat with black stripes that first appeared during the song montage in the episode "Evicted!" Finn and Jake try to live in a giant shell, but a frog creature appears. The frog's face then opens up, revealing that it is a disguise, and the Tiger jumps out. He pulls a potion off of his belt and throws it on the ground, creating fruit and fireworks (as noted in the aforementioned song), surprising Finn and Jake and scaring them out of the shell.
Jake disgusts Liono.png
Lion in "The Silent King" A different lion appears in "The Silent King" as one of the many animals roaming around the Goblin Kingdom. It lies on a bed to act as sheets for goblin royalty. He makes another minor appearance in "The Suitor," where he is present when Peppermint Butler summons the demon. 
Tumblr lzvdf5HQpl1qzlgkno1 1280.jpg
Fire Lions Fire Lions are cat-like creatures who live in the Fire Kingdom and were introduced in Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Issue 1. Flame Prince lives in a pride of Fire Lions. Ice Queen froze the babies of his pride because they were in her snow banks, forcing Flame Prince to try and rescue them. They resemble large Flambits.
Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 8.19.01 PM.png
Vampire King Vampire King turned into a lion after his vampire essence has been extracted.

Notable cats


  • The Grand Master Wizard from "Wizard Battle" seems to like cats; he is playing with one during the competition and turns participants into kittens (such as he did when Finn forfeited).
  • Box People are possibly based on the Internet Meme of cats trying to get into small boxes but couldn't.


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