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Caterpillars are a species of insect that appear in the real world. We see few caterpillars in the Adventure Time series. They usually appear briefly as background characters.

Known Caterpillars[]

Image Name Basic Description
Caterpillar (Bonnie and Nebby)
Green Caterpillar This Green Caterpillar appears briefly in the episode, "Bonnie and Neddy," as one of the many arthropods that young Princess Bubblegum greets in the Forest.
"Hey, man, I'm gonna eat you!"
"Hey, man, I'm gonna eat you!" Caterpillar This Caterpillar is a minor character that first appears in "Something Big". He was last seen about to eat a pink leaf. He is voiced by Keith Ferguson.


Normally, they appear to have long, green bodies with many legs and a pair of antenna.


  • Some Caterpillars appears to look like Centipedes.