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This article is about the castle. You may be looking for the original lemongrab, the deceased clone, the current lemongrab, or the earldom.

Castle Lemongrab is the largest structure in the Lemon Earldom and lies within the boundaries of the Candy Kingdom. The castle was the home of the infamous Earl of Lemongrab.


Castle Lemongrab was likely built by Princess Bubblegum to be a home for the Earl of Lemongrab. It was only intended for the Earl to live there as the Princess knew that he did not get along with others. However, after the Earl expressed grief over having no citizens, she created his twin brother, Lemongrab 2. The Lemongrabs then used the candy life formula to populate their castle with their children, the Lemon People.


The castle was originally built on top of a very steep, tall hill, and it appeared to be floating in the clouds. Due to the lack of space, Castle Lemongrab was smaller, but featured a more elaborate design. It had violet walls, lemon towers, and a giant lemon head on the top of the central building. A series of narrow roads and rope bridges led up to the front gate.

Inside, the castle was decorated with a minimalist decor using dull shades of yellow, green, and other neutral colors; there is a general lemon motif. Geometric elements are frequently present in the castle, as well. There are several small lemon trees growing around various parts of the well it included various chambers and a large indoor fountain shaped like the two earls.

After Castle Lemongrab was moved by Lemonjon, the original structure was in a state of disrepair as it had large visible cracks and was irregularly shaped. However, a large wall was built around the structure's perimeter and featured a small guardhouse for the Lemon Earldom's border security.

Following Lemonhope's escape from the Lemon Earldom, Castle Lemongrab was fully rebuilt. The walls of the castle were equipped with several spotlights that monitored the perimeter of the castle. In addition, barbed wire was placed all around the walls to prevent anyone from entering or exiting the castle.

In "The Mountain," after Princess Bubblegum stitched the remaining pieces of the two Lemongrabs and created Lemongrab 3, the castle would be rid of the spotlights and barbed wire. Under the rule of Lemongrab 3, the castle was put back in better condition.


Main entrance/throne room

In the main entrance of the castle stands a dark brown fountain resembling Lemongrab, which holds a zig-zag shaped sword and continuously spits out a stream of water. The walls are light, muted yellow. The main entrance to the castle is also the throne room, and Lemongrab was first seen here addressing the Pup Gang. Lemongrab's throne is a medium-sized chair made of a small lemon tree with one little lemon growing out of the side, suspended slightly above the ground, behind the fountain. The chair itself is made of dull white stone, and is covered in light grey rocks. There is a mirror on the side of the wall of this room, which Lemongrab uses to yell at himself. In the episode "All Your Fault," there were major changes in Castle Lemongrab. The biggest change was the throne room which now contained the head of Lemonjon. The statue of Lemongrab itself was broken and parts of it were laying on the ground.

Reconditioning chamber

The castle is home to a "reconditioning chamber," which is essentially an electrical torture chamber designed to "fix" unacceptable people. On the wall of the room is what appears to be a soap dispenser, alluding to Lemongrab's tendency to be a neat-freak. The door to this room is an automatic door. This is the room in which Lemongrab first met Lemongrab 2 and finally became happy.


The pantry of Castle Lemongrab is most likely filled with food that is easy to cook, as no servants were present in the castle and Lemongrab has no idea where food even comes from. The pantry apparently had enough lemon candy in it for Princess Bubblegum to make a clone of Lemongrab. In All Your Fault, the pantry is shown to normally be filled with candy and various cans and jars of food.

Catcher's mitt rooms

There are several small rooms which are solely occupied by catcher's mitts on pedestals. Tom Herpich mentioned on his blog that the point of these rooms was to be "weird and mysterious," so explaining their significance would be counter-intuitive.[1] However, Andy Ristaino revealed on his Spring some time later that the catcher's mitts on pedestals are supposed to represent Lemongrab's miserable and repeated failed attempts at understanding normality and the mundane.[2]

List of inhabitants