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"Casper & Nova" is the ninth episode of Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake.[1] This episode is the first part of the season finale.


Simon finds his mind transported across time and space while danger closes in on Fionna and Cake.[2]


Fionna seemingly wakes up back in Fionna-world, which has had its magic restored thanks to the Ice King's crown. As she and Cake explore it, however, they discover bizarre inconsistencies with how they pictured it, including Gary having become a monstrous deformed mutant, Marshall Lee a vampire that bursts into flames in the sun, and Ellis P being eaten alive with spaghetti as innards. They retreat to their apartment, where Fionna is horrified to encounter a deformed vision of Simon in their freezer. She then wakes up in the town's ice skating rink, which to her relief and Cake's disappointment is normal. However, she soon learns Cake had the same dream she had and ponders if it was an omen, though Cake retorts it was just a dream and she cannot wait for their world to change. They encounter Gary and Marshall Lee, and are ecstatic to learn the two are now a couple. Fionna tells them that their world is in Simon's head and the world is about to turn magical. Gary and Marshall Lee are reasonably skeptical until Cake surprises them by incidentally showing her powers while complaining that Simon is taking too long.

Simon wakes up in GOLB's Dimension, where he encounters The Lich praying to GOLB, demanding to know why he has lost all meaning now that he has fulfilled his purpose in destroying the world. GOLBetty appears, and Simon expresses awe that his spell finally worked when he was not even trying. GOLBetty proceeds to destroy the Lich, turning it into one of the mysterious shapes associated with GOLB, before turning attention to Simon. Simon tells Betty of his personal guilt over wasting her second chance for him, and reveals his plan to use the crown to save Fionna and Cake. Before he can put it on, however, GOLBetty grows enraged and activates her powers on him.

In the far distant future of Ooo (sometime after the events of "Come Along With Me"), Shermy and Beth finish vandalizing Gibbon's palace. As they venture on to the next step of their revolution, Shermy suddenly goes into a trance, as GOLBetty's spell teleports Simon's mind into Shermy's body. Mistakenly assuming he is in another alternate universe, Simon protests Betty's actions and explains his circumstances to Beth. Skeptical, Beth ultimately agrees to take Simon to the library where he can find more information about this universe's crown. Meanwhile, Scarab wakes up in the GOLB Dimension, and seeing an immobilized Simon (his body still in GOLB's Dimension), attempts to use his crystal tool on him. GOLBetty intervenes, turning Scarab into separate miniature scarab bugs, and splitting them into more each time Scarab tries to attack Simon. One of the Scarabs eventually succeeds in escaping into the portal to Fionna-world, still open after the ritual.

In Fionna-world, Fionna and Cake finish explaining their world's history to Gary and Marshall Lee, including their backgrounds as candy royalty and a vampire respectively: the two are amazed but become concerned at the prospect of the world changing, pondering if they will still be together, with Fionna expressing similar misgivings over whether everyone will forget everything about their world. Cake doesn't make it any better by telling the two that they visited a world where their counterparts were trying to kill each other, further worrying them. Guessing that they can influence the world by telling Simon about the relationship, Fionna and Cake seek out a portal they can use to talk to Simon. Finding one, however, they are instead attacked by the Scarab's bugs, who proceed to wreak havoc on the world by coming through various other portals. In the future, Beth and Simon arrive at the Library, where they retrieve some holobooks that Beth requests. Simon eventually finds an apparent copy of the holobook Ancient Artifacts, only for the two to be ambushed by the Librarian-like Pagelings, who fight them for the books. Simon manages to retrieve the holobook and they escape.

Fionna, Cake, Gary, Marshall Lee, and Hunter manage to capture the scarab bugs, keeping them separate so they cannot reform into the larger Scarab and destroy their reality. Meanwhile, Prismo tries to break out of the cube Scarab trapped him in, frustratedly declaring he needs to help Fionna and Cake. Regrouping in Fionna's apartment, the group ponder their next move. Figuring that Simon is still alive despite not having put on the crown, Cake suggests Fionna call Simon, claiming she gave him her phone (prompting Fionna to protest that it was her phone). They call Simon, but as he is still immobilized by GOLBetty he is unable to pick up. In the future, Beth and Simon arrive at hers and Shermy's reading spot, under the Fern Tree. Simon assumes Ancient Artifacts was written by this world's version of him, and therefore holds the key to finding the crown. Beth, hearing Simon's pleas for help in saving Fionna and Cake, shows that the holobook (along with most books in this universe) is trigger-based. They open it to learn it is a choose-your-own-adventure game following two characters, Casper and Nova, who are on a quest to find mysterious artifacts, including a magic crown. The holobook calls for them to choose to follow Casper's quest for the crown or Nova's quest for other artifacts. Simon immediately chooses Casper's choice, only for it to be revealed the crown is elsewhere in the story. They try to start over and follow Nova's option, but the holobook refuses to let them change their choices.

Still in the apartment, Fionna is unable to get a hold of Simon, and worries he is hurt. She resolves to go back through the portal and help him. The rest of the group joins her. After they leave, Ellis P wakes up in the pile of clothing. Seeing the trapped scarabs and unaware of their origin, he promptly frees them from captivity, only to be attacked. As the group outside prepares to take off, they are horrified to witness an explosion in the apartment, and the completed Scarab standing in its rubble.


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  • Both "Cheers" and this episode have title cards that resemble the title cards style of the original series.
  • One of the scenes during the Fionna's nightmare was previously seen in the San Diego Comic Con Promo Poster for the show.[3].
  • It's revealed that GOLBetty can turn anyone into floating objects around them as she effortlessly destroyed the Extinct World's version of The Lich, turning him into a floating object.
    • It is also revealed that Betty has some control over GOLB's true nature in her new form, manifesting more complex intentions than its usual irrational chaotic actions.
  • Some of Steve Wolfhard's Ooo 1000+ concept arts from 2018 appear in this episode, such as the "Pawn Swan", a futuristic version of Choose Goose.[4]
  • Marshall Lee's t-shirt references the one Marceline gave to Princess Bubblegum when they started dating centuries ago.
  • When Simon is in the presence of GOLBetty, the clouds in Fionna-world change shape to match the shapes that GOLB makes.
  • As it was already indicated by the first episode, Fionna and Cake's subconscious retained some memories of what their world looked like when it had magic. It is also shown for the first time the genderbent Huntress Wizard in his non-human form.
  • It is heavily implied Casper and Nova are fictional characters created to be an allegory to the relationship between Simon Petrikov and Betty Grof, evidenced by the real location of the crown being mentioned and an accurate image of it in the game and how the cover of the holobook is identical to the book of the same name Simon wrote, which was seen in the episode "Simon Petrikov".
  • One of the squirrels chasing and eating Ellis P. has the same colors as the angry squirrel who stalked Jake.

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  • Ice Queen's eyes are shown to be normal black dots like most of the other characters, while in the previous episodes "Fionna Campbell" and "Cake the Cat", they are white like that of her original magical form.


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