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Casper is a fictional character from the holobook visual novel video game "Ancient Artifacts". Casper is first introduced in "Casper & Nova" as a minor character, he is an explorer often seen accompanied by his friend Nova in their quest to document and preserve talismans.

It is heavily implied he was created by Astrid in the far future of the Land of Ooo to be an allegory to Simon Petrikov in his relationship with Betty Grof, evidenced by the real location of the crown being mentioned and an accurate image of it in the game and how the cover of the holobook is identical to the book of the same name Simon wrote, which was seen in the episode "Simon Petrikov", and sketches of Casper and Nova appearing in Astrid’s sketchbook during the ending montage of “Cheers”.


He is a purple humanoid, with a purple sleeping hat, a purple robe and a blindfold.


Casper's personality is that of Simon Petrikov. He thinks his way is the best, and tends to disregard Nova's opinions, believing that her opinions align with his.

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