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Cartoon Network is an American cable television channel currently owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment. The network is aimed at kids from 5-12 years-old. It is the television channel that airs Adventure Time. It is headquartered in the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia with studios in Burbank, California. It was launched by Turner Broadcasting System which is a subsidiary of Time Warner.



  • In "City of Thieves," Finn was originally going to proclaim he and Jake were virgins, which was edited by network standards to "virgin islands."
  • In "Wizard," Finn and the Old Wizards were originally going to have their nudity covered with a beaver, but network standards changed it to a log.
  • In "Tree Trunks," network standards added in a scene of Tree Trunks walking in front of a background said to be the Crystal Gem Apple, because just having her explode was considered "too dark."
  • In "The Enchiridion!," the original title card had Finn stabbing Jake with a dagger, but the network standards changed it to Finn holding a French loaf, due to the scene being too scary.
  • Cartoon Network featured Adventure Time on FusionFall. One of the quests is "Snail Quest," where the player searches for the hidden waving Snail.
  • The original CN Studios logo starts off with Finn and Jake. Finn touches Jake and then Jake grows larger and fills up the logo, ending the sequence.
  • Finn and Jake's dialogue in the original 2010 CN Studios logo is muted out in the Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Romanian prints of the show.


Cartoon Network has several downloadable wallpapers. These were available on their official web site until April 6, 2011, but returned in June 2011. These wallpapers are also available from on their official page, including several that the US site does not have.

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