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Carlos is the name of Football's "best friend since college" in the real world. He lives in a pond in front of the Tree House, allowing Football to be with him forever. He was officially introduced in "Football," but he had made several appearances before then in the background.[1]


Carlos is a white duck with a bright orange bill and feet. Around his neck is a green accent with a scalloped edge, whether or not this is an outfit or part of his slim is unknown.  


Carlos acts much like a real life duck, not having a strong personality either way.


Carlos presumably has normal duck abilities, that being swimming and flying.


  • Despite being a male duck, he does not have the real world markings that male ducks have, as he does not have a green head nor a brown and somewhat patterned feathers.
  • He was one of the friends Finn and Jake chose for their army in “Conquest of Cuteness”