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This article is about the board game. You may be looking for the application or the episode.

Card Wars is a card game that Finn and Jake play in the episode "Card Wars". The rules to the game are "super complicated," and it took Jake two hours to explain the basics of them to Finn. It has also been made into an app, the wiki for which can be found here. There is a real-life version of Card Wars as well.

In "Wake Up", the Cosmic Owl and Prismo are seen playing Card Wars when Finn and Jake enter the Time Room.

In "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars", Charlie, Grand Prix, and Moniker also play the game.

In the Distant Lands special entitled "BMO", Y5 and Mr. M are seen playing a holographic version of Card Wars.

Known rules[]

When the game starts, two players get approximately 10-20 cards. There are two stages to a turn: a floop stage and a battle stage. A player may take any building card and floop it (turn it to the left) to appear as holograms on the board. Buildings have special effects which can aid the player using them. There are only two known elements of the game, which are corn and learning. Corn cards happen to be powered by corn fields, which are given to the player at the start of the game. Learning cards are powered by intelligence, so a player could send someone to learn, and in turn, that person will receive power.

A player's land is divided into 4 parts, some of those lands being corn, wheat, blue, crystal, lizard, and burning. A player may select a creature and either activate it (turn it to the right) to make it attack one or more of the other player's creatures, or floop it to make it use its special ability. Also, at the lower right corner of each creature card there are two numbers with a forward slash representing that specific card's stats. A player can also use activation to make a creature learn. Before beginning a turn, a player must discard a card from their hand and pick up another card from their deck. The player that loses all of their creatures and their buildings at the end of their turn first loses the game.

In "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars", Jake explains the games as

the king and queen of tabletop games. It combines the mechanics of simulated combat, hand management, commodity speculation, worker placement, blind auctioning and set collection. Battle happens in one of four combat lanes each deriving its power from one of the 16 themed-elements: corn, wheat, blue, crystals, acumen, torpor, frozen lakes, lizard holes, learning…

You can get all the details of each specific aspect of the trading card game on the Adventure Time Card Wars TCG Wiki.


There are many cards shown in the game. The known cards are:

Name Picture Powers
Ancient Scholar Ancient Scholar
  • "Study" is used to command the Ancient Scholar to go to the Schoolhouse so it can discover new powers such as "Raise the Dead."
  • "Raise the Dead" is used to bring a dead ally back to life, but to use it, one needs to study it first to unlock it.
Finn used the Study ability in order to learn Raise the Dead, which he then used to bring back his Pig card. It was one of the only known cards on Finn's base, and was around the Cool Dog most of the time. He looks like a wizard who wears a purple cloak with a hood.
Archer Dan GreenArcherCardWars Can shoot multiple corn-arrows per attack phase, each of which are capable of destroying a building.
Jake summons Archer Dan on the last turn of the game and destroys all of Finn's buildings at once.
Astral Fortress Blue castle It is used for the creature to gain +3 defense.
This card was flooped at the beginning of the game but is merely an aesthetic part of the episode and is not used.
Bean Ball Bomba No picture It deals X damage, X being the number of beans in play. It is used by Reggie to destroy Jake's Hay Barn.
Blue Plains No picture It is Finn's landscape in the episode. The landscape is also featured in the game.
Cave of Solitude Cave of solitude It is used for the creature to gain +5 attack and +5 defense for each of the player's empty landscapes.
Finn sends his Pig here to rest up. Jake attempts to attack the Pig, but is unable to affect him. Eventually, he uses Volcano to destroy the Cave of Solitude along with the Pig.
Cerebral Bloodstorm Cerebral bloodstorm Cerebal Bloodstorm lets you choose your opponent's creatures and destroy them equal to the creature's attack.
Jake uses Silo of Truth to take this card from Finn and uses it on his first attack phase, but because Finn wasn't attacking, Cerebral Bloodstorm only did damage to Jake's troops.
Cool Dog Cool Dog When the player floops the Cool Dog, the Cool Dog's opposing creature cannot use their floop ability.
In "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars", Cool Dog is shown to attack with a laser-like bark.
Corn Castle Red castle One of Jake's landmarks in his field.
This card was not used for attacking.
Cornfield Cornfield It is one of Jake's two landscapes in the episode, with the other being Useless Swamp. The landscape is also featured in the game.
Jake uses the Cornfield to power his Husker Knights and give his Immortal Maize Walker triple damage. Finn uses his Pig to eat the Cornfield, defeating Jake's army twice.
Cyclops No picture It can't block, but gets +1 for every eye in play.
Feedman No picture It is seen in "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars", wherein is used by Jake against Reggie and Pete the Punk.
If its power source is destroyed, it becomes inert. However, if an opponent's landscape is compromised, Feedman deals further damage to said opponent(s).
Field of Nightmares No picture In the episode, Jake attempts to use it to scare Finn's Pig to death.
Jake used this card in conjunction with his Legion of Earlings, though it is not clear what effect it had.
Field Reaper ReaperCardWars It can take control of five of the opponent's creatures at once.
Jake summons this creature on the last turn of the game. It takes control of all of Finn's creatures at once.
Granary Weevil Adventure time Granary Weevil When used in conjunction with downed Feed Man to create "Infinite Haymaker," it can neutralize, if not destroy, an opponent's land
Hay Barn No Picture It acts as a power source for Feedman.
Husker Knights HuskerKnightYellow In the game, Husker Knights are knights that have 2 defense and 6 attack. In the episode, it is used by Jake to (unsuccessfully) attack Finn's kingdom.
Jake attempts to attack Finn with these creatures twice, but they are defeated by the Pig eating Jake's Cornfield (their source of power) both times.
Immortal Maize Walker OrangeWalker In the game, it is a special and powerful creature that has 36 defense and 11 attack. While in the episode, Jake summons the creature but Finn's Spirit Tower makes the creature goes to Finn's side. This creature gains triple attack while in a cornfield landscape.
This card was used by Jake to attack Finn, but it was stolen by Finn's Spirit Tower. Jake later took it back by use of his Field Reaper. When powered up by corn, its features become more jagged and lightning-like sparks shoot off its body.
King Baby No picture It is seen in "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars", and is created using Baby King head, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg. It attacks using a sort of acid erupting from its bellybutton.
Legion of Earlings EarlingsCardWars It is able to scare other creatures to death.
Jake attempted to kill Finn's Pig by scaring it to death, but the Pig was sleeping in the Cave of Solitude and was unaffected.
Pig Pig Cardwars
  • Eat: Pig eats the corn off of an opponent's land.
  • Punch: A simple physical attack
Finn used this card to eat Jake's Cornfield, which defeated Jake's Husker Knights. Later, Finn attacks Jake's Wandering Bald Man with the Pig in simple combat. His card description reads: -1 to all Corn Fields when flooped and cannot be attacked when flooped.
Reclaim Landscape No picture Allows player to reconstitute all of their land.
Jake uses this card after using Volcano, in order to reconstitute all of the land that was destroyed previously, reviving his Husker Knights in the process.
Schoolhouse Schoolhouse It allows Ancient Scholar to use his Study ability. It is unaffected by cards such as "Volcano".
Finn sends his Ancient Scholar here for one round to study the "Raise the Dead" ability.
Silo of Truth Laser It reveals the target opponent's hand and allows the user to take one card and add it to their own hand.
Jake used this card on his first turn in order to look at Finn's hand. Jake takes Finn's Cerebral Bloodstorm card with it.
Spirit Tower Spirit tower It can possess an attacking enemy and turn it over to the player's control.
When Jake attempted to attack Finn with his Immortal Maize Walker, the Spirit Tower shined a beam of light onto the creature and turned control of it over to Finn.
Stonehenge No picture Its abilities are unknown.
This card was seen on Jake's landscape in "Card Wars", though it did not demonstrate any abilities.
Teleport No picture Teleports a player's own creature to another place on the board.
Jake attempted to use this card on Finn's Pig in order to get it out of the Cave of Solitude, but it only works on the player's own creatures.
The Barrel No picture It gains a boost for every other barrel in play.
The Cooper No picture It can be used to unfloop a card.
Ultra Dog No picture When he is played, he equips a creature with a mohawk, presumably giving it a boost. It can also use a move called Cold Nose that forces a draw.
Useless Swamp Useless swamp Immortal Maize Walkers can walk on this land.
The Immortal Maize Walker was hiding underneath this land. Later, after Pig and Wandering Bald Man fight here, Pig is unable to leave because it is a mud landscape.
Volcano Volcano It spews lava to destroy both land and creatures for all players.

This card was flooped by Jake to kill Finn's Pig. It destroyed all of Jake's land, but he used Reclaim Landscape to reconstitute all of it.

Wandering Bald Man Wandering bald man Slap: A weak physical attack
Wandering Bald Man wanders around in the Useless Swamp until Finn attacks it with Pig. They both do minor amounts of damage to each other, but Pig wins the fight in the end.


  • Cards
  • Holographic Board
  • Players


The board of the game shows holographic projections of the played cards. The back of the cards are red in color with a white border. The cards have the letters, "C W," which stands for Card Wars, and there are flames in the background.

Ways to play[]

  • Cartoon Network developed an app called Adventure Time Card Wars for iOS and Android devices in early 2014.
  • Following the release of the first app, another mobile game called Card Wars Kingdom, or "Card Wars 2" was released on July 13, 2016. Both apps were made unavailable for download on December 19, 2019 and were finally shut down on January 28, 2020. They have since been made available for download by fans.
  • Finn-vs-Jake-collectors-pack

    Front Cover of the Finn vs Jake Collector's Pack

    In 2013, Cryptozoic released a real-life version of the game. A description can be found here. The game was available in six different versions, or Collector's Packs: Finn vs Jake, BMO vs Lady Rainicorn, Princess Bubblegum vs Lumpy Space Princess, Ice King vs Marceline, Lemongrab vs Gunter and Fionna vs Cake.
  • In 2016, a 2v2 Doubles Tournament Collector's Set, featuring Jake, Charlie, Grand Prix and Moniker, was released, following the Daddy-Daughter Card Wars episode.
  • On November 15, 2023 Cryptozoic Entertainment launched a Kickstarter Campaign celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Card Wars. The campaigns $80,000 goal was reached within one hour. By the end, on October 15, 8549 backers pledged $1,419,508. Late pledges were open until February 20, 2024.
  • The only official way to play the game, in any form, today is the physical game, although fans have created ports for both mobile games aswell as a mod for Tabletop Simulator


  • The game is a parody of various trading card games.
    • For example, "Flooping" (to turn a card sideways) is a reference to "tapping" in Magic: The Gathering.
    • Tapping was patented by Richard Garfield, creator of the modern TCG, in 1993. (US patent # 5662332)[citation needed]
  • The real-life version of Card Wars bears a similarity to those of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Cardfight!! Vanguard.
  • There is a Card Wars wiki for the mobile version of the trading card game.
  • There is another Card Wars wiki for the real-life version of the game.
  • If you look closely at the cards in the episode, you can see a fraction on most of the creature cards, presumably Attack/Defence. If that is true, the following stats for most of the cards would be:
    • Ancient Scholar: 3/4
    • Archer Dan: 3/3
    • Husker Knight: 6/0 (the zero would likely increase depending on the number of cornfield landscapes you control.)
    • Immortal Maize Walker: 15/5
    • Legion of Earlings: 4/2
    • Pig: 2/2
    • Wandering Bald Man: 1/1
    • Ultra Dog: 1/2
    • Cyclops: 1/2
    • Cool Dog and Field Reaper were not included because their cards were not shown.